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Beneath an overview of known Starfighters for sale. Be aware that aircraft are no longer for sale at any time until we have been updated. Do you have an F-104 for sale (or a cockpit section) and you want to have this mentioned above? Just email us. (see contact information)

F-104G 8212, Germany/Netherlands – price (on request)

Fokker built in 1963, For sale, in good condition but not flyworthy. For more information Germany : Mobile 0172-70 26 500.

TF-104G D-5810 (c/n 5810) for sale (complete aircraft) – $ 325.000

Aircraft which could be made flyworthy again. In very good condition and complete with engine. See more here: and also:

22+57, Yorkshire, UK, 25000 Pounds.

F-104G 22+57. Jet Art Ltd, of Selby, Yorkshire, refurbished and repainted it and put it on the market in early 2016 for £25,000 GB pounds.

CF-104D 104633 N104 – Price $ 850,000.00

Build 1961, provided with enough spares for a long time, including engines and manuals. Seats and tips ejection systems in good condition.
Contact: Fuel Fresh Inc. Phone 1:(480) 345-6677, Fax: (480) 345-6699
Mark Shermann, PO BOX 51000 , Phoenix, AZ USA 85076.
More information here:
Fuel Fresh Inc has spent countless hours since 1996 accumulating spare parts, which include, among many others:
> 2 spare J-79 engines
> 4+ spare afterburners; 1 new nozzle assembly
> approx 150 main gear tires
> a couple dozen nose gear tires
> aileron, flap, rudder, horizontal actuators
> ailerons, flaps
> canopy and windscreen glass, in frames; other glass
> brakes, new assemblies
> air condition units, new overhaul
> MLG shock struts
> 3 axis damper amplifiers, several
> starters, generators
> spare drag chutes, cockpit chutes
> boundary layer control valves, many
> tip tanks, a few
> volumes and volumes of maintenance manuals
> spare set tip charges
………and MANY, MANY other parts of all descriptions (barn & hangar full)

Various F-104s with PS Aero, Baarlo Netherlands – prices (on request)

With PS Aero some F-104s are for sale. Prices are on request. See for more information here:

Various F-104’s mostly F-104S fuselages…Bentivoglio Scrapdealer, Italy – Prices appr. 20000 euro each

Various F-104’s mostly F-104S fuselages…Bentivoglio Scrapdealer, Italy
See website :