Radio controlled Starfighter models

When you have no money or ability to fly a real F-104, why not fly a large scale model?

There have been a lot of people who build their own F-104 which are radio controlled and powered by ducted fan or micro jet engines.
More information can be found on lots of webpages. Regarding the various F-104 models we have a few interesting websites beneath:

F-104 with electric "ducted fan" kit:

Beneath a few examples of aircraft, their characteristics and owners:

JA+107 F-104G JG 71 cn 8072 1967_P Doll F-104G - (scale 1:8) - Micro Jet powered - Harry Prins

other interesting websites include:

Video about 1:5 scale f104g taken during JETPOWER 2012 in germany

A producer of radio controlled F-104s with jet engines is Skymasterjet. See website:

Here Photo about F-104 of Ali Machincy (UK)

Thomas Brueckelt in Germany made some video's of his model.
It's an own design with the engines fitted inside the external fuel tanks:

And his created F-104D in 2014:



This is a the first of a new kit from Airworld of Germany. It will be a production kit with a 72lb thrust Turbine.
Beneath some photos of the model (Thanks to Tony Quist)