F-104 Miscellaneous

In this section a variety of F-104 related information can be found. There are a number of topics which can be selected inside the typical F-104 warning light panel beneath:


Some extra information about the various sections can be found here:

    • F-104 mysteries, unsolved questions around Starfighters.
    • Lukewaffe F-104s, Overview of Starfighters at Luke AFB during the German Pilot Training period.
    • QF-104 Drones, the story around the use and overview of the QF-104As in the USA as unmanned drones.
    • F-104 patches, overview of operational used patches worn by pilots during F-104 operations in the world.
    • F-104 scale modelling, information about scale-model products and about decals.
    • Private F-104 cockpits, overview of known preserved cockpits (from real F-104 front fuselages), private and in museums.
    • Cockpitframes, overview of known cockpits on and in self made frames at home.
    • Private simulators,¬†overview of Lockheed/Canadair F-104 simulators, now owned by privateers and museums.
    • F-104 records, a chronological overview of all records flown with the F-104 in the world.
    • Ejection Seats,¬†overview of all used seats inside all version of the F-104 Starfighter.
    • GAF Cxxx codes, overview of used wfu codes on phased out German Starfighters.