International F-104 Society members will have access to the generic individual F-104 history database via a password.
Via specific search items historic information can be retrieved which is nice to find out certain locations, units, facts and dates related to all build Starfighters.
Be aware that all information has been collected over the last 40 years and still today there are gaps and some data was not confirmed and others have to be added. We are always interested in additions and corrections.
This information is for members and private use only, be aware that the password will change frequently (information via membergroup email).

Note: Database will be updated after 2 years soon, lots of new and corrected data can be expected and we will change the functionality by increasing the maximum number of shown records from 50 to 100 records in order to gain some flexibility.

For your information:
For Italian Air Force Starfighters also the website has a database which can be found here.
For AMARC storage information of the F-104 Starfighter you will find a database here. And then select L from Lockheed.