Protecting Aviation History

By Luca Araniti

What happened to the memorabilia (photo albums, crest, etc.) and traditions of a Starfighter unit when is closed?
Sadly, for some units, their history is a big black hole and cannot be traced anymore because everything “disappeared” as some members take them away thinking that are “their” property instead of property of “everyone” that served, not thinking also  and that it’s better to keep them in a museum for future generations and to keep the history alive…

In other cases memorabilia are still kept inside a base and cannot be accessed by general enthusiasts.

But, for JBG 32 and JBG 34 things went a little better and many items (photo albums and some memorabilia of the squadrons) were saved and are ready for display in the future!!

So everyone can visit it!

For JBG 32 have a look here: http://www.jabog32.de/yaja/mgs.html

For JBG 34 have a look here: http://www.echo34allgaeu.de/index.php/verein/museum/wehrgeschichtliche-sammlung

If you arrange a visit, please respect them, do not damage or steal anything! This is property of future generations!


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