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925-2 Irbid 19Jun14

Someone we know from www.thai-aviation.net is working in Jordan this summer and made a trip along a lot of wrecks and relics all over the country.
He decided to also update us on the status of some of the preserved F-104 Starfighters.
We are very pleased with his plan and please find beneath a small photo report sofar including location coordinates.

5th June 2014.

The F-104B serial 902 is still to be seen on the traffic island at Madaba, Jordan. (coordinates N31.72860, E35.78390).


19th  June 2014.

An (unmarked) F-104A Starfighter was noticed displayed by side of Highway 35 near Ajloun  (coordinates N32.317201, E35.755644).
It does not wear any markings and it will be very hard to identify this aircraft. It looks like it is one of the Mirage decoys from Mafraq because its tail wing is divided and mounted together again.
So this must be aircraft 922 or 923.


The (unmarked) F-104A Starfighter serial 912 (old code "J") was noticed displayed by side of Highway 35 near Balila, Jordan (coordinates N32.388380, E35.945977).


The F-104B Starfighter serial 925 (formerly "V") was found displayed on traffic island in town centre at Irbid, Jordan (coordinates N32.536545, E35.869109)

925-1-Irbid-19Jun14925-1-Irbid-19Jun14b925-3 Irbid 19Jun14c

26th June 2014.

An unknown F-104A was seen preserved in western Amman on Ahel al-Bayt road, Balqa District (HRH late Queen Alia’s tomb in the suburbs of Amman). (coordinates N31.976666, E35.786986).
It looks like wearing fake serial 752. Also its tail wing is cut in two parts indicating this this also is an ex Mirage shape decoy in the 80s an 90s at Mafraq.
So this must be aircraft 922 or 923.

Unknown_as752-3-Amman-26Jun14Unknown_as752-3-Amman-26Jun14bUnknown_as752-6 Amman 26Jun14

27th June 2014.

This CF-104 Starfighter (obtained from the Turkish Air Force, years ago) with serial 104743 was seen preserved on a pole inside the campus at the Mafraq al-Bayt University (coordinates N32.338981, E36.242016).
This is inside the campus (and no way in) but visible from the road and very hard to make photos of it due to security.

104743-2 al-Bayt, Mafraq 27Jun14

The F-104A serial 913 coded K was seen on display on traffic island Safawi, along the junction of highways 5 & 10 (coordinates N32.189719, E37.118687).

913-1 Safawi 27Jun14913-3 Safawi 27Jun14

(credits : www.thai-aviation.net )


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