Accidents – Incidents 2001

25 Nov 2001 TF-104G-M MM54233/RS-09 RSV/311gr AMI incident groundaccident
During very bad weather the roof of a big hangar at Pratica Di Mare Air Base collapsed damaging a number of RSV aircraft (311 Gruppo) including this TF-104G. It was damaged on its canopy. The AMI decided to declare the aircraft written off when considering the remaining flying hours and the fact it was not modified yet to TF-104G-M. Beneath two photos taken by Harry Prins at Pratica die Mare on May 29th, 2004, it was parked outside for already a reasonable time, clearly showing the sustained canopy damage.
4 December 2001 F-104S/ASAM MM6870/5-45 5St/23gr AMI incident pilot ok
Due to anti skidding failure and aquaplaning during landing the aircraft became uncontrollable and ran off the runway. The aircraft could be repaired soon and was delivered to Grazzanise becoming 9-45 in 2002.


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