Accidents – Incidents 1997

28 January 1997 F-104S/ASA MM6730/9-33 9St/10gr AMI written off pilot ok
This Starfighter crashed into sea near Taranto after engine problems, at 2:30PM local time. The pilot (Ten. Luca Capasso) ejected safely and was picked up by a AB-212 from DDG Duran de la Penne. Beneath a photo taken of this aircraft with code 9-33 seen in the maintenance hangar at Grazzanise, taken May 8th, 1996, eight months before it was lost. (Photo Frits Widdershoven)
21 February 1997 UF-104JA 76-3681 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Former JASDF F-104J 76-8681. Shot down as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima. Photo of these drones are very rare, especially with the drone serials in the 3xxx series, as seen of this 3681 in 1997
25 February 1997 UF-104JA 76-3682 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Former JASDF F-104J 76-8682. Shot down as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima.
10 March 1997 UF-104JA 46-3592 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Former JASDF F-104J 46-8592. Shot down as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima.
11 March 1997 UF-104JA 46-3600 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Former JASDF F-104J 46-8600. Shot down as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima.
23 April 1997 TF-104G-M MM54257/4-39 4St/20gr AMI written off pilots ok
During the landing at Grosseto this aircraft could not extend its nose gear. So it landed on its main gear and damaged it front-belly severely. Both pilots Cap. Daniele Locatelli and T. Col. Allesandro Abriani were safe. On 28 May 1997 it was seen on the end of the 20gr flight line in covers and placed on jacks. In August 1997 it was seen at Grosseto "stored" awaiting repair which never happened, also because enough aircraft were available to support the pilot training. Beneath some unique photos showing the aircraft just after the accident. (Photos: Roberto Botteghi, thanks to Luca Golinelli collection)
15 April 1997 F-104S/ASA MM6818/37-06 37St/18gr AMI written off pilot killed
Crashed into the sea, 40 NM North of Pantelleria TP. Pilot Ten. Stefano Faedo was declared missing after ejection. It crashed into sea during a training mission in the afternoon, off Pantelleria island while flying in a group of 3 aircraft. Time 1:45 PM local. The pilot probably encountered problems because he ejected himself. However when two HH3F helicopters from Trapani-Birgi came over to search for him they could not find him sadly.
27 August 1997 F-104S/ASA MM6703/51-01 51St/22gr AMI written off none
During towing exercises at Istrana Air Base this Starfighter crunched through its forward undercarriage and the aircraft was declared written off due to the fact that some F-104s were phased out and a limited number of 104's were modified to ASAM. Gladly no casualties occurred. Beneath a photo showing MM6703 as 51-01 taxying at Istrana in October 1996, 10 months before it encountered the accident at Istrana. (Photo Marco Muntz)
9 Sept 1997 F-104S/ASA MM6760/4-50 4St/20gr AMI incident pilot ok
This Starfighter lost its tip tanks in flight at about 10:21/10:30 local time near Siena, Italy (Tuscany countryside). The F104S/ASA was returning to Grosseto from a navigation mission in Northern Italy with instrumental procedure to an other base (it was departed from Grosseto at 09:07 local time with an other F104S/ASA of 20th Group). An investigation has been settled by ITAV (Ispettorato Telecomunicazioni e assistenza al volo) in order to find out the cause of the accident. Aircraft was checked and could fly soon again. Beneath a photo taken of this aircraft at Grosseto by Ron Damstra on September 13rd, 1996. One year later the accident occurred. The aircraft could be repaired but never was modified to ASA-M and was withdrawn from use. The 2nd photo shows the aircraft on the dump at Grosseto on May 29th 2001 during a visit (Harry Prins).


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