Accidents – Incidents 1995

15 February 1995 F-104S/ASA MM6878/53-10 53St/21gr AMI written off pilot ok
This F-104 Starfighter crashed at a riverbed at Montanera, near Cuneo Fossano. The pilot Capt. Alessandro Gentilini ejected safely at about 4500-5000 feet. Cause: failure in the APC system with consequent loss of control due to the inertial coupling. The picture beneath was taken at Koksijde Air Base on July 3rd, 1994.
21 March 1995 UF-104JA 46-3575 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
During shooting at this unmanned drone, its undercarriage was severely damaged, so, it had to be shot down. This was done by a AMRAAM missile from an Japanese F-15J Eagle. (ex 46-8575).
24 March 1995 UF-104JA 76-3694 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Shot down on purpose as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima. (ex 76-8694)
26 March 1995 UF-104JA 36-8527 DroneSq JASDF shot down drone
Shot down on purpose as unmanned drone and crashed into the ocean near Iwo Jima. (ex 36-8527)
19 May 1995 TF-104G MM54256/4-38 4St/20gr AMI incident pilots ok
During an ultra low approach at Norvenich AB (with call sign I6802) it hit the flashing-light system with its starboard (right) side main landing gear which broke. The aircraft came down on the runway on its starboard side on the tip tank and pylon tank. This last tank broke into flames. The aircraft slides over the runway and stopped in the middle and center which was very fortunate. The right main landing gear and wheel door was broken or damaged. All tanks were written off and the right wing-flap was severely damaged. The two pilots could step out unhurt. The aircraft was repaired and flew back to Grosseto on 29 May already having only 2 tip tanks. The colleague F104 mm6768 went to Spangdahlem AB and landed there. Both aircraft were on their way to the open house of Bodo, Norway. Pilots T. Col. Giuseppe Fognani and Cap. Ivan Laudizi were ok.
20 June 1995 TF-104G MM54256/4-38 4St/20gr AMI written off pilot killed
This TF-104G crashed and sunk at 15NM South of the Montecristo Island (Tyrrenian Sea) during a low altitude navigation mission from Decimomannu to Grosseto in bad visibility weather conditions. Sadly the instructor pilot capt. Massimo Susini (31), which was the only pilot, died in the accident.
17 October 1995 TF-104G MM54260/4-41 4St/20gr AMI incident pilot ok
During takeoff the aircraft encountered difficulties with the nose-wheel steering (shimmy?) and the pilot Major Andre Boiadi decided to break off the start and selected the hook to use the barrier cable. The aircraft was damaged but could be repaired and received maintenance (4RMV) and returned back to service in 1996. Photos thanks to Antonio Rossi.
23 Nov 1995 F-104S/ASA MM6761/4-3 4St/9gr AMI written off pilot ok
This aircraft sagged through its landing gear while taxying at Grosseto. It was put on temporary storage and was planned to be repaired. Nevertheless it never was repaired and stayed in operational storage, and never flew again. Beneath two photos taken during two visits at Grosseto where the aircraft was seen on the dump, first May 29th, 2001 and lateron somewhere else on the airbase on June 1st, 2004. (Both: Harry Prins) It was scrapped afterwards.


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