Accidents – Incidents 1992

16 January 1992 F-104S MM6839/4-6 4St/9gr AMI written off pilot killed
Just after take off (1:39 PM local) from Grosseto this F-104S crashed into sea, 7 miles SSE of Pianosa Island, South of Elba island. The pilot,  Ten. Alessandro Brondi (25), was declared missing. He was flying in a formation of three aircraft to perform some low altitude training during a bit hazy circumstances over the sea. Formation leader Capt Lorenzo Costa suddenly lost contact and did not succeed in establish radio contact. The Starfighter must have hit the water and around 2:06 PM a spot was seen in water where the aircraft had been crashed. The pilot was missing and after 2 months, on March 11th he was found entangled in the nets of a fisherman. He sadly died in this accident.
22 January 1992 F-104S 6867/9-867 191filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near or at Balikesir Air Base. Pilot ejected safely.
23 January 1992 F-104S MM6840/37-25 37St/18gr AMI incident pilot ok
This Starfighter was operated from Decimomannu. When it returned from a test mission with rocket pods on the Capo Frasca range, the nose-wheel strut broke on touchdown and the pilot, Fabio Consoli (RSV) was able to keep the aircraft in control and kept it on the runway until it stopped. The front fuselage and radome were severly damaged but the aircraft could be repaired soon although it stayed a while in storage at Deci.
1 June 1992 F-104G 4312 3AG/8TFS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 62-12215) It crashed after it stalled during the landing at CCK sadly killing pilot Li Der-An. During training sortie the aircraft encountered a landing gear malfunction.  The pilot made a low-pass along the tower for inspection of this problem. While he attempted to land the aircraft Stalled and crashed, North of Ching Chuan Kang AB.
23 June 1992 F-104G 62-12305 336mira HAF written off pilot ok
This Starfighter was written off when it crashed at the Kranea Weapons Ground when it encountered an engine stall at 3000 ft. during a bomb run. Pilot 2nd Lt. Vasilios Zisis ejected safely. Photo beneath was taken by Hans Koning at Kleine Brogel in 1979. (The identity of the aircraft has recently been confirmed).
1 July 1992 CF-104 62-716/8-716 182filo THK written off pilot killed
This CF104 crashed while on a cross-border mission against the PKK near Durzi at the border of Northern Iraq and South-Eastern Turkey sadly killing the pilot Hv. Plt. Ütgm. Cemil Kaya (26 years old).
3 Sept 1992 F-104G 6664 116Ptx HAF written off pilot ok
3 Sept 1992 F-104G 7082 116Ptx HAF written off pilot ok
Both Starfighters crashed after a mid-air collision, trying to avoid two upcoming F-4E aircraft from nearby Andravida AFB. Both pilots 1st Lt. Panagiotis Ntardas (6664) and 1st Lt. Nicholas Martidou (7082) ejected safely. Both aircraft were on their way back to Araxos AB and around 2km from the 117PM airbase of Andravida, they crossed the pattern of two F-4E phantom aircraft which just took off from their airbase Andravida. To avoid a collision with the F-4s both Starfighters had to make a turn but accidentally hit each other during this manouvre. Both pilots could eject in time and were safe. Both Starfighters crashed into the ground near Iteno Ilias. Beneath some photos which were published inside newspapers Patris and Apogeumatini (thanks to Dimitris Adamopoulos) taken at the crash site just after the accident.
17 Sept 1992 F-104S 6899/9-899 191filo THK written off pilot killed
It crashed near Akhisar, Manisa. Pilot Lt H. Sinan Erkan (29) was sadly killed. Photo beneath was taken at Balikesir in July 1990 by Jeffrey van Summeren.
22 Oct 1992 F-104S 6888/9-888 191filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near Akhisar into the sea. Pilot First Lieutenant Kadrican Pehlivan could eject and was safe. The reason was fuel pumpfailure and subsequent fuel leaking into the fuselage. When the temperature of the fuel reached the explosion temperature, the pilot heard and felt a really big explosion just under his left leg. Then he decided to turn back to the air base for an emergency landing. But all flight control cables were broken due to this explosion. While he was heading to base he suddenly lost controls and the F-104 started flying himself. Approximately 50 seconds later he heard/felt another very loud explosion. Immediately after this explosion fire came out of the body of the aircraft. The wingman started shouting " Eject Eject ". Because the aircraft carried 400 real cannon cartridges these started to explode as well. At that moment the pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed. The pilot was severely injured. He had to stay in a hospital for 6 months having two big operations. His right arm was broken into several parts. Operations and physical therapy took 6 months but everything was ok later. Pilot continued flying. Beneath a photo taken at Balikesir in July 1992, 3 months before it was lost (Frank Smith)


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