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Unknown 1990 F-104G 4337 3 AG RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 64-17763) In 1990 this aircraft was damaged (beyond repair) during the landing (hard landing) likely at CCK AB and it was lateron scrapped at Tainan as can be seen on the photo beneath taken in July 1992 by Mr WU (please contact us!!)
24 January 1990 CF-104 62-787/8-787 182 filo THK written off pilot killed
It crashed due to a mechanical failure. The pilot Hv. Plt. Ütgm. H. Cahit Ekin (26 years old) ejected but was sadly fatal wounded. Beneath a photo taken by Dave Schultz (Soner Capoglu collection) taken around 1989 when the aircraft had received a German style camouflage pattern.
24 March 1990 F-104G 4368 41 TFS RoCAF written off pilot killed
24 March 1990 F-104G 4385 41 TFS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 4368 - 63-14243 and 4385 - 63-13273) These two aircraft crashed into a field near Hsinchu Air Base while making a forced landing together while encountering sudden bad weather. Direct landing via TACAN failed and both aircraft collided and crashed near Hsinchu Air Base. Pilots Maj Li Chung-Lian was killed (4368) and Hu Zhong Ying (4385) were sadly killed. The two aircraft crashed probably at or near Tao Yuan Main Canal, Shi Pai Cun (Shi Pai Village), Hsin Wu Hsiang, Tao Yuan County. See also news report (video) here:
24 March 1990 F-104G 4421 41 TFS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 63-12702) It crashed after the CGA malfunctioned, approach continued with TACAN, it went around and crashed in Hsin Fong, (Hsin Fong Golf Course, Hsin Fong Hsiang) near Hinschu AB. Pilot Chien-Chih Kuo (or in Taiwanese KUO Chien Chih) was sadly killed. This was the third tragic loss this day for the particular squadron. See also news report (video) here:
Beneath a photo taken by Clarence Fu in August 1989, seven months before it was lost.
2 April 1990 F-104G 64-17782 335 mira HAF incident pilot ok
It encountered a severe birdstrike during a standard mission this day but pilot could return base and land safely.
14 May 1990 F-104S 6865/9-865 9 AJU THK written off pilot killed
It crashed near homebase Balikesir shortly after takeoff, sadly killing the pilot Hv. Plt. Tgm. Mümin Demiralp (24). Photo beneath was stated having been taken in August 1987 but not confirmed. (Paul van der Elsaker collection).
16 May 1990 F-104G 4387 12 SMS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 63-13691) This starfighter crashed during its landing on homebase TaoYuan. The aircaft lost thrust and engine could not be restarted anymore and crashed into sea, likely headed its direction to sea by the pilot to bring it down safely. Pilot Chang Fu Yi ejected and was saved by a fishing boat and was ok.
5 July 1990 F-104S-ASA MM6729/4-02 4St/9gr AMI written off pilot killed
It crashed near Caltagirone at Sicilie. It was TDY stationed at Sigonella NAS. It happened just after takeoff from Sigonella and the pilot Capt Sergio Scalmana. (30) was sadly killed on impact. The aircraft hit the ground after the pilot notified the Sigonella tower that he was having technical problems, it seems that he was trying to land on a state road. Time was 11:17 AM local. The picture beneath shows the aircraft landing during a squadron exchange at Wildenrath a few months earlier.
7 August 1990 F-104S-ASA MM6748/37-14 37St/18gr AMI written off pilot killed
This day this aircraft crashed due to unknown cause near Cesaro into the Nebridimis mountains at Sicilia. The pilot Ten Vito Falco ejected but was sadly killed. It was flying TDY from Gioia del Colle Air Base to Trapani together with 37-27. Some state that the pilot was unwell.
24 August 1990 TF-104G 4188 42TFS RoCAF incident pilots ok
(USAF serial 63-8461) It made a crash landing (likely at Hsinchu Air Base) due to a malfunctioning nose-wheel. Both pilots Ding-Chung Tien and Lt Chao-Ming Chen (42TFS) were unhurt. The aircraft could be repaired. Beneath two photos of this TF-104G, taken in 1990, and the other one showing the crash landing (with chute) from the collection of Clarence Fu.
18 September 1990 F-104G 6679 116 ptx HAF written off pilot ok
This Starfighter was written off at Larissa during a landing accident when the pilot, Captain Ioannis Foufoulas, landed the aircraft without gear due to a gear malfunctioning. The aircraft was heavily damaged and the pilot was injured although he could walk away safe. It was one of a number of aircraft on transition from Araxos to Larissa to take part in the big tri-service exercise "Parmenion". The accident happened on the last day of the exercise when the aircraft was returning to base (Larissa AFB). While landing and after few meters skidding on pylon tanks suddenly the left one was detached causing the aircraft to veer to the left only to stop several meters away broken up. The RF-104G was loaded the next day and transported to KEA Hellinikon AFB (AF Depot) for damage investigation. There a team declared it written off due to the expected repair investments and the sufficient number of aircraft available within the inventory. It was brought over the dump at Athene late 1990. Officially it was withdrawn from use on 10 July 1991. The photo beneath was provided by Lefteris Skoufis, and shows the aircraft broken up along the runway at Larissa.
5 Dec 1990 F-104J 4511 7 TFS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(FSM serial 46-8592) This aircraft exceeded the G limit (of 7.33 G) while dogfighting and desintegrated killing pilot Yan Sher Jin (28). The aircraft crashed into sea, West of Taichung. The aircraft was #3 in flight of four. Number #2 suddenly encountered a malfunctioning horizontal stabilizer, dived, and soon recovered and became under control again at low-altitude and returned to base. #3 dodged and disintegrated. Captain Yan initially declared missing. Six months later, on 5 June 1991, declared killed, treated as KIA, and posthumously promoted to Major. The small photo beneath (photographer unknown) was taken while landing in March 1990, nine months before it was lost.
17 Dec 1990 F-104G 4340 28TFS? RoCAF written off pilot ?
(USAF serial 64-17767) It crashed during scramble take-off. Pilot fate unknown. Aircraft was later on scrapped at Tainan so it is very likely that it happened at the airbase and the pilot could survive. We still are looking for confirmation.
21 Dec 1990 F-104G 4394 11 AG RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 66-13526) It crashed into sea near Hsinchu Air Base at 11:30 AM, while landing, pilot Dai Jia-Tser was sadly killed. The accident was caused by loss of elevator control (flaps malfunction).


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