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Unknown 1989 F-104G 7154/6-154 161filo THK incident pilot ok
After a shooting exercise mission this Starfighter landed at Bandirma in heavy rain and skidded off the runway. Pilot Adnan Şekerci was safe. The aircraft was recovered and put in storage. Later on it was repaired and continued flying again.
Unknown 1989 F-104S MM6729/53-02 53St21gr AMI incident pilot ok
It encountered an accident during take-off or landing at Sigonella, collapsing its nose wheel. The pilot was ok. Later on after it was repaired the aircraft transferred to 4 Stormo becoming 4-02. Interesting photo beneath was provided by IFS member Riccardo Vestuto.
10 January 1989 CF-104 62-826/8-826 182filo THK written off pilot ok
This Starfighter was written off after a crash at or near Diyarbakir. The pilot was ok.
22 February 1989 F-104S/ASA MM6878/9-41 9St/10gr AMI accident pilot ok
This day this F-104 made a belly landing at homebase Grazzanise after encountering problems with the undercarriage. It could be repaired. It was stated in Italian: Pilot capt. Angelozzi was safe. Photo beneath were taken by pilot Major Andrea Zani, who was part of the technical accident investigation committee.
28 March 1989 RF-104G 4401 28TFS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 62-12244)  It flew a mission with another F-104G from CCK AFB. Soon after the aircraft encountered mechanical problems and caught fire. Since they were flying above populated area the pilot decided not the jettison his fuel tanks to reach its homebase for an emergency landing attempt. He flew on into the direction of the Da Du mountain area and ejected over unpopulated area. Sadly the aircraft crashed on a farm, near Tai Chung industry area at around 5:08 PM. The pilot was Sun Yung-Huei, squadron deputy commander. He landed safely on the riverbed near Tai Chung "Wen Shan" National Primary School. he aircraft was ex serial 5632. Photo beneath shows the tail section after the crash (by Clarence Fu). See also news report here :
31 March 1989 CF-104 62-815/8-815 182filo THK written off pilot killed
This aircraft was no.2 in a scramble duty towards an USAF AWACS aircraft. Both took off from homebase Diyarbakır and performed the mission. After that the leader continued to the second mission which was a simulated "durandal" attack to the auxillary air base Batman. After this simulated attack, the leader made some kind of manouvre which impacted the nearby flying no.2 aircraft (8-815) which got caught in leader's jet wash and crashed. Sadly pilot Hv. Plt. Ütgm. A. Rasim Duroglu (26) couldn't eject due to the low level and tragically died.
7 April 1989 F-104G 6624/6-624 162filo THK written off pilot ok
This Starfighter was lost on or near homebase Bandirma. Gladly the pilot was ok
26 April 1989 TF-104G 28+01 WTD61 GAF written off pilots ok
It crashed after it suffered problems with its undercarriage during touch and go training at home-base Manching. The Pilots Both pilots OTL Reiner Karlstedt (47) and Hptm Michael Reinhold (35) ejected safely but were injured.
Both pilots returned to the airbase and decided to make one or more touch and gos before ending their mission. However when they made the first landing the aircraft suddenly headed left and became uncontrollable. Both pilots decided to eject immediately. Due to the low atltitude and circumstances the chutes did not deploy completely and the pilots were brought over to the hospital with spine injuries and suffered shock but were safe and could fly again after 6 months..
They both saw the aircraft crashing and stopping into a lot of trees noticing that some trees had pointed into the area where they had been sitting. Investigation found out that the undercarriage was failing (technical cause) (likely left strut/wheel or brake).
Lateron the front section of the aircraft (including cockpit) has been brought over to the Gatow museum for display purposes. Photo beneath shows the aircraft as it was found between the trees (Photo: Donaukurier media) and the 2nd photo shows the front section after repair and being cut from the fuselage, as display cockpit at Gatow in 2001 (photo: Roger Seroo)
23 May 1989 TF-104G 4175 3 AG RoCAF written off pilots ok
(USAF serial 61-3078) It crashed near or in Jiu Ru, in PingtungCounty after receiving IRAN. Both crew, being Testpilot Lt Col Wei Tser-Kuen and flight mechanic Chang Chin-Chuan were ok after ejection.They were ferrying it from Ping Tung South AB back to CCK AB. During take-off, passed the mid-point of runway, pitched up, and flew at 20 m AGL. Passed 2/3 point of runway, and climbed at AOA 60 degrees. After about five seconds the engine stalled in big explosion and it began to pitch downwards. After about another five seconds, the rear pilot ejected with an AOA -15 degrees, breaking both his legs. Then at AOA -45 degrees the other pilot ejected breaking his ribs, and shook his brain. At AOA -75 degrees, the aircraft crashed into the Gao Ping Xi fruit farm, behind the runway. The photo beneath was taken in the 70s. When this aircraft crashed it had a overall light grey color scheme.
24 May 1989 F-104G 8029/9-029 192filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near or at homebase Balikesir. Gladly the pilot was ok. Beneath an interesting photo, showing the aircraft with a red radome ready for starting another mission. Please note the "9" painted over the "4" with grey background paint.
25 May 1989 F-104G 63-12725 335mira HAF written off pilot ok
This starfighter crashed near Koroni-Messina, South-West Greece. Pilot Capt G. Zafiriou ejected safely by his MB-seat. Cause: Fuel starvation. (Aircraft serial was recently confirmed)
30 May 1989 CF-104 62-824/8-824 181filo THK written off pilot killed
This CF104 crashed near Ergani (Iraqi border). Pilot Hv. Plt. Ütgm. Oktay Tuna (27) was sadly killed. Photo beneath shows the aircraft on the Diyarbakir flightline in 1987.
7 June 1989 F-104G 7041/9-041 191filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near Ayvacik. Gladly the pilot was save.
8 June 1989 F-104G 7094 116ptx HAF written off pilot ok
It was written off at Araxos AB. The pilot 2nd Lt George Konstantopoulos ejected safely. The cause was a landing gear collapse during landing at Araxos. The pilot ejected safely from the aircraft when during landing and after touching down landing gear collapsed and aircraft veered off the runway. Beneath some photos thanks to Andreas Staveris-Polikalas, taken just after the accident.
14 June 1989 F-104S MM6846/37-16 37St/18gr AMI written off pilot killed
It crashed into sea West of Sicilie not far from harbor village Marsala, between Torre San Teodoro and Isola Lunga (TP), during the approach to Trapani-Birgi AB. The pilot Ten. Michele Provvidenti Parisi (28) was sadly killed. Upon returning from a mission with another F-104 it went around and once returned to VMC the aircraft had assumed an irregular position, stalled, and impacted the sea 130 NM from the coast. Beneath a picture of this aircraft provided by Riccardo Vestuto.
11 Sept 1989 F-104G 7420 16ptx HAF written off pilot ok
It was written off. pilot Lt Col V.Balkouras ejected safely. This accident happened during landing due to fuel problem, possibly fuel starvation. the aircraft crashed outside the air base (West side) in a small lake which could be
found there. On 18 August 1995 the tail was noticed of this aircraft at Araxos.
10 October 1989 F-104S MM6702/53-12 53St/21gr AMI written off pilot killed
It crashed just after takeoff from Cameri during exercise 'Taceval'. The pilot Lt. Riccardo Boccardi (25) ejected but was sadly killed. Witnesses have declared that the motor emitted a strange noise and exploded after take off some 300m before the end of the runway.  The aircraft had AIM-9L configuration and wingtips. It happened 8.12 pm local time. Picture of this aircraft beneath was taken during the 1988 Tiger Meet (July 10th).
20 October 1989 TF-104G 4196 11AG RoCAF incident pilots ok
(USAF serial 66-13625) At this day the aircraft made an emergency landing while its engine was on fire. It managed to land safely and the aircraft could be repaired. Both pilots were unhurt. It very likely happened at Hsinchu Air Base. Beneath a photo provided by Clarence Fu showing the damage to the engine and a photo as it can be found today preserved.
20 Nov 1989 CF-104 62-761/8-761 182filo THK written off pilot ok
This CF104 crashed near or at Diyarbakir. Gladly the pilot was ok. Beneath a photo showing the aircraft in June 1987, at Diyarbakir.  It is possible that this aircraft encountered a mid air collision with 62-770, which had been reported as damaged this day and soon be ready for flying again. Sadly we have no confirmation yet.
20 Nov 1989 CF-104 62-770/8-770 182filo THK incident pilot ok
On this day the aircraft had an accident but could be repaired soon again, the pilot was unhurt. Beneath two photos taken around 1987/1988 of this aircraft.  It is possible that this aircraft encountered a mid air collision with 62-761, which had been reported as crashed. Sadly we have no confirmation yet.
7 Dec 1989 F-104G 7402/6-402 161filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed at or near home base Bandirma. Gladly the pilot was ok
9 Dec 1989 F-104J 4505 3AG RoCAF written off pilot ok
9 Dec 1989 F-104G 4319 3AG RoCAF written off pilot killed
Both aircraft crashed after a mid air collision. Pilot of 4505 (FMS serial 46-8611) being Ger Jing-Chi ejected safely and was rescued out of the sea after some hours. the aircraft crashed into the sea near Hsinshu.  The pilot of 4319 (USAF serial 62-12261) being flight leader Major Shen-Chia Tang (31) was missing. His body was found later. Both aircraft toke off that day from Hsinchu Air Base at about 8 AM, for some ACM training. Beneath a photo showing aircraft 4319 in a formation likely taken around 1988.
27 Dec 1989 F-104S/ASA MM6886/5-02 5St/102gr AMI written off pilot killed
27 Dec 1989 F-104S/ASA MM6919/5-13 5St/102gr AMI written off pilot killed
Both aircraft crashed near Rimini this day sadly killing both pilots Capt Claudio Lodovisi (28) and Lt Michele Burlamacchi (23). Some state that both aircraft hit the Monte Carpegna at Sfalceta di Piane di Alguadia (Pesaro) during a VFR flight in poor weather. Radio contact was lost around 15:12h. many firebrigades and others were alarmed and after 24hours they found the wreckage and pilots at approximately 4 km North East of the Carpegna Mountain in Pesaro Province. The investigation found out that too less space was held between the aircraft and the hills during bad weather and cloudy circumstances. Left picture beneath shows MM6919 code 5-13 taken somewhere in 1989. the other pictures show what was left of both aircraft during the accident examination phase (AMI-safety magazine via Eugenio Vellorso)


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