Accidents – Incidents 1987

5 January 1987 F-104 unknown 3AG RoCAF incident pilot ok
This day an unidentified F-104 made an emergency landing at CCK. The pilot ok being Lt of Capt Ying. Aircraft caught fire, landing gear could not be lowered and so the landing was made on its belly. The drag chute was used but was damaged due to the strong wind. Sadly this aircraft has not been indentified sofar.
20 January 1987 F-104G MM6578/3-06 3St/132gr AMI written off pilot ok
This Starfighter encountered an accident damaging its right mainwheel and sustained cat-3 damage. It was seen with 3CM at Villafranca with this damage till August 1987. There it should have been repaired but it never flew again. It had 3039 hours flown and was withdrawn from use.
22 January 1987 F-104S 6861/9-861 191filo THK written off pilot killed
It crashed while landing at Balikesir Air Base. Pilot 1stLt Kemal Uyguntürk (26) was sadly killed. The landing was controlled by GCA because of very low visibility circumstances.
27 January 1987 F-104G 63-12719 336mira HAF written off pilot ok
It crashed near Ayia Mavra (Hellenic: Agia Mavra Andravidas) during a trainingflight. Gladly pilot Capt Theodoros Bekos ejected safely. The cause of the accident is unknown. Beneath a photo of this Starfighter taxying in better days.
2 February 1987 CF-104 62-837/8-837 8AJU THK incident pilot ok
This month this Starfighter encountered an accident but could be repaired soon. Pilot was ok. It looks like the aircraft was involved in a mid air collision with CF-104 62-795 which crashed this day. Beneath a photo taken of this Starfighter already back in operation during exercise Aurora Express at Diyarbakir in June 1987.
2 February 1987 CF-104 62-795/8-795 182filo THK written off pilot ok
This starfighter was written off after a crash near or at Diyarbakir for an unknown reason but very likely due to a mid-air collision with 62-837, which could land safely and was repaired soon after.  The pilot of this unlucky 62-795 ejected safely.
5 February 1987 TF-104G 5962/4-962 141filo THK written off pilots killed
This starfighter crashed near Murted AFB and the town Sivrihisar. Sadly both pilots were killed being Hv. Plt. Ütgm Ercan Kaya (29 years old) and Hv. Plt. Yzb. Selim Kurt (32 years old). The cause of the accident is unknown.
14 February 1987 F-104 unknown 2TFW RoCAF written off pilot ?
This day an unknown Tai Chung based Starfighter was lost. After an intercept training, while returning to base, entered TACAN course over Da An River mouth, the pilot declared something was wrong with the aircraft. He changed his flying direction to a waypoint south of Peng Hu Islands, re-entered TACAN course, prepared to descend, and suddenly disappeared. He was likely killed in the accident. We have no information about the identity of this Starfighter yet.
28 February 1987 F-104G 4374 42TFS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 63-13253) This day this aircraft made an aborted take-off and while it stopped at BAK-12 the aircraft caught fire and was severely burnt and written off. Pilot Mong Hsien Kuen could exit the aircraft and was save. The aircraft encountered substantial damage as can be seen on the picture beneath when it was recovered (thanks to Clarence Fu).
16 March 1987 TF-104G 62-12267 116ptx HAF written off pilot ok
This starfighter crashed near Meligala, Messinia due to an unknown cause. Gladly both pilots, Nikolaos Fifas and 1st Lt Elias Apostolopoulos ejected safely. This was the 2nd ejection for Apostolopoulos in 2 years (he also ejected from TF-104G 5736 in 1985). Cause unknown.
10 April 1987 TF-104G 5718/4-718 141filo THK written off pilot killed
This two seater Starfighter crashed near or at homebase Murted. Pilot Hv. Plt. Ucb. Kd. Bcvs. Kadri Cakmakyapan (38 years old) was sadly killed in this accident.  If there was a second pilot on board then that pilot was safe but it looks like their was only 1 pilot on board during this flight. The cause of the accident is unknown.
22 April 1987 CF-104 62-839/8-839 181filo THK written off pilot ok
This starfighter was written off due to an engine failure at or near homebase Diyarbakir. Gladly the pilot survived the accident.
4 May 1987 F-104 unknown unknown RoCAF written off pilot ok
An unidentified Starfighter crashed at Pu Yan, Chang Hua. Gladly Capt Chen could be recovered after ejection. Some believe this was F-104G 4317 but this has not yet been confirmed. The cause of the accident is unknown.
14 May 1987 F-104J 4520 3AG RoCAF written off pilot OK
(FMS unknown) This Starfighter crashed during its delivery flight to CCK this day, after being assembled from Pingtung.  Pilot Lo Ji Hsun ejected safely. The aircraft came down in PuYen village on a farm in Zhang Hua County. The cause of this accident was a flame-out (compressor stall). The pilot who ejected from the 4520 became a Wing Commander mod 2000s. A witness stated that people in that area rushed to the crash site to see if God had shown any hint of the Lottery numbers. This aircraft was meant for 7TFS at CCK 3Wing. Since there are no photos known of this aircraft its construction number is unknown but could most likely be FMS 36-8525 or 36-8555. Who can confirm?
21 May 1987 CF-104 82-866/8-866 182filo THK written off pilot ok
This starfighter was written off due to an engine-failure near or at homebase Diyarbakir. Gladly the pilot was ok.
21 May 1987 TF-104G MM54228/4-25 4St/20gr AMI written off pilots ok
It made a bellylanding (again) at Grosseto. It went to Caselle for examination but never flew again afterwards. So it was declared w/o.. Pilots Cap Paolo Sfarra and Cap Paolo Medda were both ok. Below a picture of this TF-104G taken a year earlier, on May 16th 1986 at Twenthe Air Base during a visit (M. Kronemeyer) and some pictures taken after the final accident when the aircraft already had adopted the new small serial. (AMI flight safety magazine via Eugenio Vellorso)
29 May 1987 F-104S MM6710/36-02 36St/12gr AMI written off pilot killed
It crashed into sea (after hitting the water) near the gunnery range of Sardinia near Decimomannu (near al largo di Capo Frasca), during a 2x2 DACT mission over the sea. The pilot S.Ten. Alessandro Ferrarese (23) was sadly killed after he was first reported missing. It happened shortly after take off from Decimomannu Air Base at around 11:38 AM local time. It was stated that the cause was likely due to the aircraft reaching a critical stall attitude at low level. It was flying in a wingtip missile configuration. Below a picture of this aircraft taken back in 1983.
13 June 1987 F-104J 4521 3AG RoCAF written off pilot ok
(FMS serial 36-8541) This Starfighter, based at CCK, was lost South of Peng Hu Islands, during a so-called "X3" test flight. While readying for supersonic flight, the pilot claimed a cloud was chasing him. He lost control and ejected. 50 minutes later, rescued by SAR helicopter from Chia Yi AB. Survived and resigned with the Air Force. (Some believe it happened on 29 March 1987, who can confirm?)
13 July 1987 F-104DJ 4593 3AG RoCAF incident pilots ok
(FMS serial 26-5006) This aircraft made a successful emergency-landing at Chia Yi Air Base, due to a compressor stall. In October 1987 it was seen already again operational at CCK. Both pilots were OK. YING Jia Sheng and XU Zhu Jun. It was Ying’s second accident.  Investigation showed that 2/3 turbine blades were damaged. It happened during a test flight. Beneath a photo of the aircraft wearing markings of CCK based 7TFS.
21 August 1987 F-104G 8270/6-270 162filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed at or near homebase Bandirma due to an unknown cause. The pilot was ok.
25 August 1987 F-104G 8122/4-122 142filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near Afyon due to unknown reason. Pilot was ok.
3 Sep 1987 TF-104G MM54237/4-32 4St/20gr AMI incident pilots ok
It was damaged during a landing accident. Its nose and radome were severely damaged and bend. The pilots were ok. In September 1987 the aircraft was seen at Caselle (Alenia) undergoing repair. Soon it flew again.
4 Sep 1987 TF-104G 4191 2TFW RoCAF written off pilots killed
(USAF serial 63-8464) It crashed in landing at Taoyuan AFB. Pilots Liu Huan-Tsan and Jian San-Min ejected but sadly were killed. The aircraft could not land at homebase Xin Zhu AB (Hsinchu), because of bad weather, and diverted to Tao Yuan AB. About 07:00h the pilots took the old runway instead of main runway (misidentifying runway 05 and the taxiway), failed to correct landing, and crashed into hardened aircraft shelter in-between.
11 Sep 1987 F-104G 4386 12SMS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 63-13690) It crashed into sea, one NM from Ao Hua Village or Nan Ao Town, I Lan County, after a technical malfunction.  The pilot, Bu Chi-Fang (27) ejected and was photographed in the air by passing student. When helicopter arrived they only saw an overturned liftboat (dinghy). After missing and not recovered for six months, the pilot was officially declared killed.
23 Sep 1987 F-104G 62-12308 116ptx HAF written off pilot killed
It crashed a few minutes after take-off, at Orkana Kissavou, near Larissa sadly killing the pilot 1st Lt Stavros Zografos. It happened in bad weather.
26 November 1987 TF-104G 5716/6-716 162filo THK written off pilots killed
It crashed into a lake near Manyas-Gol when during an evening low level mission a big group of big birds flew up due to the noise of the jet. The aircraft flew through the birds and the engine stalled by many indulged species. The Pilot Hv. Plt. Kur. Bnb. Salih Gunucu (37) and Hv. Plt. Ütgm. Halim Kankale were too low to eject and both were sadly killed in this accident and were taken out of the aircraft, on the bottom of the lake, the next day by rescue divers. Beneath a photo showing the aircraft taxying at Bandirma AB.
30 December 1987 F-104G 8195/4-195 141filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed near or at homebase Murted. Pilot was ok. The cause of the accident is still unknown. Photos of this aircraft in Turkey are quite rare, here a photo taken at Murted, taken in 1987.


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