Accidents – Incidents 1986

10 January 1986 F-104S MM6823/53-02 53St/21gr AMI written off pilot ok
It crashed while landing at homebase Cameri in bad weather. It undershoot the runway. Gladly the pilot Lt Giovanni Battista Sala could eject in time and was ok. On approach in poor visibility weather conditions under GCA control, this aircraft no. 1 of a formation touched the ground at the beginning of the path, after 3 bounces the aircraft stopped 250m from the runway threshold. Time 11:48 AM (local). The wrecked fuselage was seen later on at a scrap yard near Rome in Febr 2004. Beneath some pictures showing the scene (1st, 2nd and 3rd impact with runway in sight), other photos show the wreckage and seat of the aircraft (Italian Safety magazine thanks to Eugenio Lo Verso). Beneath also a picture of the wreckage as it could be found for some time at Cameri (IFS archive).
17 January 1986 TF-104G 5742/6-742 162filo AMI written off pilots killed
This Starfighter crashed at or near Erdek, which is near homebase Bandirma.. Both  pilots were sadly killed being Hv. Plt. Ütgm. Tufan Akiz (30) and Hv. Plt. Ütgm. Hüseyin Olgun (30). The cause of the accident is unknown. Beneath a photo showing two pilots preparing their flight in 5742 code 6-742, unknown when this was taken.
24 January 1986 F-104G 7061/6-061 162filo THK written off pilot ok
It crashed at or near homebase Bandirma. Pilot was ok, cause unknown.
28 January 1986 RF-104G MM6646/3-50 3St28gr AMI written off pilot killed
This Starfighter crashed into sea near Marano Lagunare (Udine, near Venice) at 11:15 AM local time. The pilot, being last of a formation of three aircraft, was sadly killed. It was former Frecce Tricolori pilot Maj Pasqualino Gorga. In order to regularly rejoin the other two aircraft of the mission, the pilot accentuated its turn to the left in such a way that the altitude decreased too quickly and the aircraft contacted the sea surface. (It was stated "Probable due to pilot illness"). The aircraft carried an Orpheus recce pod. The photo shows the wrecked tail section fished out of the water. (Italian Safety magazine thanks to Eugenio Lo Verso) and the other photo shows the aircraft back in November 1983 already coded "3-50".
14 February 1986 F-104A 4259 41TFS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 56-878) It crashed on two empty houses in central highland near Fu Xing (village), not far from Da An, Taichung county. Pilot CHEN Zhi Heng ejected and was injured (burnt arms). Engine nozzle malfunctioned resulting in loss of thrust. Sadly a few years later, 14 October 1992, this pilot was killed in an AT-3 accident.
3 March 1986 TF-104G 28+10 JBG34 GAF written off pilots ok
Crashed on finals near Decimomannu after a power-loss during approach. The engine caught fire and both pilots Hptm Wolfgang Wild and StUffz Thorsten Fassler (guest-pilot) ejected safely. Beneath a photo taken mid 80s showing the aircraft still wearing the old MFG colorscheme with JBG34 markings. The wreck of the aircraft was dumped somewhere on the airbase and seen in April 1986 (see photos beneath, black and white photo by Chuck Steward, thanks to Roger Seroo).
18 March 1986 F-104S MM6924/5-12 5St102gr AMI written off pilot ok
It crashed at the residential quarter (into a house) at  Villaggio Argentina, near Rimini just before landing after a test flight in clean configuration, due to electrical failure. The pilot, Maj Alberto Biagetti, ejected just in time while the crash of the plane resulted in 3 civilians killed and 1 injured on the ground. The pilot stated later on: “My emergency situation started with a Fix Frequency Out followed, incomprehensibly by a complete electrical failure (AC out). This emergency situation  anticipates the use of  the R.A.T. that permit the use of n°4 Booster Pump. Considering that it was a supersonic test flight, lots of fuel was burned and fuel level was not high, and analysis afterwards proofed that in this condition, fuel remaining in the main tank (due to acceleration/deceleration) could not be enough, causing cavitations of the booster pump. That's what occurred that day, causing the engine flame out. Pictures beneath shows a newpaper article (Roberto Botteghi.) and the aircraft MM6924 code 5-12 flying together with MM6796 5-06, in 1985 (Peter Doll).
10 April 1986 F-104G 4396 3AG RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 67-14887) Weather and wind direction suddenly changed at CCK, causing chaos for airborne aircraft. This Starfighter run out of fuel in this hectic situation and crashed. Pilot Wang Hua-Lung ejected in time and was safe.
15 April 1986 F-104G 9057/4-057 SahinKt THK written off pilot ok
This aircraft, belonging to the training squadron, crashed near or at home base Murted. Pilot was ok, cause of the accident is unknown. Photo beneath shows the aircraft on the flightline of Murted Air Base, on 11 November 1985, five months before it was lost in the accident. Photo thanks to Johan van der Wei, taken at Murted Air Base.
28 April 1986 F-104S 6852/9-852 191filo THK written off pilot killed
This Starfighter crashed during takeoff from home base Balikesir. The pilot Capt Mustafa Kemal Saltik (26) was sadly killed. Beneath a photo showing the aircraft at Balikesir preparing for a mission (Thanks to Oguz Meric)
13 May 1986 F-104G 61-2629/9-629 SahinKT THK written off pilot ok
This former Norwegian Air Force Starfighter collapsed on the runway of homebase Balikesir when it encountered problems with its landing gear. It skidded off the runway and ended along the runway field. The pilot could step out the aircraft unhurt. Aircraft was declared written off.
24 May 1986 TF-104G 5809/9-809 192filo THK written off pilots ok
This former Dutch Air Force Starfighter crashed near or at home base Balikesir. Pilots were ok, cause of the accident is unknown. The picture beneath was taken by Johan van der Wei in June 1983 when the aircraft was operated by 4AJU at Murted.
16 June 1986 F-104S MM6928/36-20 36St12gr AMI written off pilot ok
It crashed at a small village Nicolia, Mottola (Province Taranto) after encountering a compressor stall and subsequent loss of thrust during GCA landing at Gioia del Colle Air Base. Pilot Maj Roberto Di Labio ejected safely. The aircraft had a flown a real scramble QRA mission. The wreck was seen at Gioia in July 1994.
26 June 1986 F-104G 8238/6-238 162filo THK written off pilot killed
26 June 1986 F-104G 62-12239/6-239 162filo THK incident pilot ok
F-104G 8238 code "6-238" flew a routine mission with 7 other Starfighters when South East of the island Imrali, in the Sea of Marmara, it collided with F-104G 62-12239 code "6-239". The pilot in "6-238" Hv. Plt. Ütgm. M. Kamil Akcali (26 years old) was sadly killed in this accident. Later some parts of the crashed aircraft "6-238" and the pilot's dead body were recovered. He was burried in his hometown Adana. Aircraft "6-239" could land safely and could be repaired.
4 August 1986 F-104G MM6586/3-12 3St/132gr AMI written off pilot OK
It crashed near Bernbach, near Bad Herrenalb. The pilot Capt. Antonio Corselli ejected safely. The aircraft was participating in a squadron exchange with 38th TRS based at Zweibrucken. The cause of the accident was given as altitude loss due to APC failure with "kicker" (pusher) problems. It flew in a tip/pylon tanks configuration. Beneath a picture of this aircraft.
5 August 1986 TF-104G 5724/4-724 141filo THK written off 1 pilot killed
This trainer crashed near Bolu, Turkey. Pilot Hv. Plt. Kur. Bnb. Hasmet Burnak (40 years old) was sadly killed in this accident. The 2nd pilot was safe. The cause of the accident is unknown.
7 August 1986 TF-104G 4183 48TFS RoCAF written off 1 pilot killed
(USAF serial: 63-8455) It crashed during takeoff from Pingtung after loosing hydraulics. Instructor Pilot and squadron chief counceler Ren Ker-Kan (35) was sadly heavily wounded and killed after ejection while Pilot Chang Min-Ren in front seat was seriously injured (reported not ejected). However he managed to recover enough from a fractured spine to continue his flying career after 1.5 years.
Investigation report: After they started the engine, they noticed when they used the switch on the control stick to set the horizontal stabilizer on the tail to the take-off position, the green indication light on the instrument panel wasn't on, but they looked back, and saw the stabilizer actuated up and down, according to the switch. They and the ground crew discussed this, thought only the indication light wasn't responding, and the electricians would check the indication light circuit after they RTB. They used the switch to actuate the stabilizer, until the ground crew outside told them it was at the take-off position, looked back, and confirmed its position.They continued to check the other systems; everything was OK, and they told the ground crew to remove the chocks, then began to taxi towards the runway.
When they were taxiing, they pulled and pushed the control sticks, looked back, and saw the stabilizer accordingly actuated up and down, but reminded each other the abort take-off procedure.
Beside the runway, some student pilots in orange flight suits saluted them; they returned their salutes, and thought to amaze the students with a zoom climb after they took off. They accelerated on the runway, and at 175 knots, Zhang pulled back the control stick, but instead of climbing, nothing reacted; the stick felt empty, without any pressure. Zhang said "Abort, abort!" to the control tower, pulled back the throttle, deployed the chute, lowered the hook, and stepped on the brake paddles, but the plane didn't immediately slow down.
He saw, in the rear view mirror, the chute broke off, and knew the end of the runway had equipment to arrest the plane: the BAK-12 arresting cable, the arresting net, and an earth mound.
He noticed the plane hadn't slowed down, had reached 190 knots, ran over the cable, through the net, bounced up the mound, over the Gao Ping Xi stream, and slid down a sugar cane field for 700 m, before it stopped.
He felt a spinal pain, then didn't feel anything below his waist. He was conscious, talked to Ren, but no reply.
The plane was leaking JP-4, the tailpipe was smoking, but hadn't catch fire. While Zhang waited for the rescue, he smelled the JP-4, giving the feeling that the aircraft code explode any moment.
By Saturday afternoon, the wreck was removed, the tail and wings were disassembled, and the wreck was disassembled into several sections..
14 August 1986 F-104G 22+39 JBG34 GAF written off pilot ok
This Starfighter encountered an engine failure (compressor stall) South of Hopsten and managed to reach Hopsten Air Base where it made an emergency landing using his arrestor-hook. The pilot requested to land on "01" but the runway was open on "19" so he had to move to that direction to approach for landing. It landed high speed (BLC not working) and took the barrier after his brake chute failed with 200 kts. The pilot could step out of the aircraft unhurt. Afterwards it was declared damaged beyond economical repair on 8 October 1986 mainly because the end of the F-104 operations within JBG34 was near. The aircraft stayed at Hopsten where it was used as BDRT or fire-practise airframe. In 1995 it was cut in three parts and damaged heavily due to CFE agreements and sold in parts. In October 1995 it arrived with PS Aero at Baarlo where they tried to weld it all together again, but the challenge was too big and lots of good F-104 fuselages were obtained via VEBEG soon after so they decided to have the 22+39 being scrapped by a local scrap dealer in May 2003. Beneath a photo taken in a bit shed at the PSAero location after the remains had been welded together.
21 August 1986 F-104S MM6706/4-1 4St/9gr AMI written off pilot killed
This F-104S struck the Monti di Pietralunga mountain and crashed near Perugia (Umbrian region) during a low altitude navigation mission in a clean configuration. It impacted the ground at the end of a looping maneuver. The pilot, 9 Stormo commander, T Col Marco Cantarini was sadly killed. The accident did not happen on the 25th as some have reported. Beneath a picture taken by Hans van Zeeland at Twenthe when the aircraft participated in a squadron exchange in October 1985.
1 Dec 1986 RF-104G 4402 12 SMS RoCAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 62-12242) It was missing during a night mission near Makung (ex serial 5628 and crashed into sea. Pilot Wu San-Fa (31) was declared missing and not recovered for six months, officially declared killed. The cause of the accident is unknown.
18 Dec 1986 F-104S MM6839/4-2 4St/9gr AMI incident none
During unknown situation on the flightline this aircraft was severely damaged by falling on its nose (front wheel collapse) due a towing tractor. It was declared Cat.3 damaged and put in storage at Grosseto Air Base for a while.
There was no pilot involved in this accident. Lateron this Starfighter was transported to Aleniain Caselle for repair and upgrade to F-104S/ASA. Beneath photos taken of the aircraft in 1986, the last one showing the towing tractor and the collapsed nose wheel. It looks like the tractor pulled the aircraft while it was still with its mainwheels inside the anti-roll blocks.


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