Accidents – Incidents 1980


15 January 1980 F-104G 64-17780 336Mira HAF written off pilot killed
This Starfighter was written off when it crashed at Menidi Aitoloakarnanias at the Preveza shooting range. The pilot, Captain Spyridon Papastavrou was sadly killed. It happened during a SOT mission (Fighter Weapons School) when it was involved in a ACM fight against an F-4E. It was the fourth or fifth time that the two planes circle that area repeating the exercise when the accident happened where the pilot was unable to pull up in time. The unlucky pilot tried to use the ejection seat but it was too late and he partially made it. He was found near the crashsite carrying his parachute according locals. The plane crashed at a hill side east of the national road and the engine was found about 500m away on the west side. There is a small monument on the side of the national road near the crashsite which was built by his widow a few years later. The F-104G 7421 which is preserved nearby is not related to the accident although some people believed that it was.
18 January 1980 F-104G MM6510/6-15 6St/154gr AMI written off pilot ok
This F-104G crashed into the sea out of Capo della Frasca, Sardinia. The pilot, Capt. Amilcare Mazzotti ejected and was ok. The aircraft encountered a flame out during shooting exercises. It flew in a tiptanks and dispenser configuration. Picture beneath shows the unlucky aircraft and was taken at Ghedi in 1979 by Alberto Storti.
5 February 1980 F-104G 25+82 JBG33 GAF written off pilot killed
This Starfighter crashed into sea near Capo-Frasca, Sardinia when it hit the water during shooting-exercises at Capo Frasca. The pilot Major Werner Hettrich was killed. The aircraft was under control of Decimomannu Kdo at the moment of the crash and officially owned by JBG33, although the pilot was serving JBG34.
4 March 1980 F-104G 20+15 JBG31 GAF written off pilot ok
This German Starfighter crashed near Genk, Belgium after the pilot suffered spatial desorientation. The pilot, Olt. Werner Schreiber ejected safely. Photo beneath showing this unlucky aircraft was taken at Norvenich in 1977 by Helmut Baumann. Also a Dutch Newspaper article can be found below (Harry Prins Archive)
5 March 1980 F-104G D-8061 312sq KLu incident pilot ok
During TLP exercise this aircraft encountered a severe bird strike damaging front window and leaving parts of the bird and blood inside the cockpit. Aircraft received (by fun) the white text “For Sale” after this incident. Pilot Andre van Luyck was fine. Pictures thanks to Peter Burgers.
13 March 1980 F-104G 22+31 JBG34 GAF written off pilot killed
This F-104G crashed near Kaisheim and Hafenreut, Germany, after hitting high-tension cables in bad weather. The pilot, Hptm Karl Allgower was sadly killed by this tragic accident. Beneath a photo of this aircraft taken by Eric Tammer at homebase Memmingen in 30 July 1977.
21 March 1980 F-104J 46-8567 202sq JASDF written off pilot ok
This Starfighter encountered a minor accident and subsequently it was decided to withdraw the aircraft from use and not to repair it after an investigation which ended in December. It became an instructional airframe / monument at the Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering, Nippon Bunri Daigaku (Nippon Bunri University), Ooita Prefecture. It is unknown what exactly happened to this aircraft but it looks like it exceeded the maximum G load which resulted in structural airframe damage. Photos show the aircraft still operational with 202sq late 70s and a photo showing the aircraft as instructional airframe.
46-8567_202sq_spotterus46-8567 F-104J 567 pres NBU
15 April 1980 TF-104G 5909 335Mira HAF written off pilots killed
This Starfighter "TFG-5909" crashed near Dutika Zakuntho, Patraikos Bay, SW of Araxos Air Base. Both pilots, Captain Soterios Laourdekes and Captain Spyridon Mpourtzinakos, were sadly killed. The cause of this accident is still unknown. Beneath a photo taken at Kleine Brogel 1 year earlier in April 1979 during a visit (navigation trip). (thanks to Hans Koning).
25 April 1980 CF-104 104865 441sq RCAF incident pilot ok
This Starfighter was damaged but could repaired again and pilot Capt Trask was safe. He flew a low level training mission with this 104 and approximately 5 minutes after take off , a load bang was heard. Initially suspecting a bird strike, Capt Tusk had his aircraft checked by another local aircraft, which revealed that the right nose gear door was open and part of the door bracket broken. Normal landing gear extension resulted in a two main landing gears extending normally, but the nose wheel extending only a few inches. Re-selections using positive and negative G along with touch and go landings were tried to attempt to extend the nose gear. Emergency landing gear procedures were then employed, however, the nose gear remained up. Having followed all checklist procedures Trask was then faced with the choice between a controlled ejection or a nose-gear up landing, a procedure rarely attempted in the CF-104. Capt Trask professionally assessed the situation and, since conditions were favorable, elected to attempt the landing. He burned fuel down to a minimum, completed an approach, and slowly lowered  the nose to the runway as he flamed out the engine using the main fuel shutoff. The aircraft came to a halt on the runway and suffered only minor damage. Information thanks to the 441 squadron and Larry Milberry.
28 April 1980 F-104G 631 331skv RNorAF incident pilot ok
28 April 1980 F-104G 633 331skv RNorAF incident pilot ok
These two Starfighters were both damaged when they collided on the runway on their return from a mission to Bodo, after they coincidently both experienced a hydraulic power loss in flight. First aircraft 633 with pilot 2nd Lt Roar Strand made an emergency landing and skidded off the runway before the plane stopped. Immediately afterwards Lt Geir Haugland in 631 made his emergency landing and also skidded off the runway, touching the other aircraft while trying to stop in his uncontrollable F-104. Gladly the damage to both aircraft was minor and both could be repaired. Also great that both pilots survived.
It was damaged after en emergency landing due to a unique situation. 2nd Lt Roar Strand in 633 and Lt Geir Haugland in 631 were on approach to Bodø when both planes experienced loss of hydraulic power. Strand touched down first and skidded off the runway before the plane came to a stop. Emediately afterwords Haugland came. Unable to control the fighter he stayed on board as it also came off the tarmac and actually hit 633. Miraculously, damage to the airframes were minor and both pilots escaped unscathed. Beneath a very small photo once published inside a Norwegian flight safety magazine.
6 May 1980 F-104S 6892/9-892 192filo THK written off pilot ok
This F-104S crashed near or at home base Balikesir in Turkey. Likely it was a technical problem where the pilot was able to eject in time and was safe.
12 May 1980 TF-104G FC05 10W BAF written off pilots ok
This two-seat Starfighter crashed in the afternoon on a machine-factory at Neunkirchen (Saarland), Germany due to a birdstrike on low-level. Both pilots ejected safely but on the ground at least 4 factory workers got killed sadly. The pilots were Captain Ronald Peelaers and OLt. Michel “Smirnoff” Goossens, both serving 31 “Tiger” squadron. Beneath a photo taken at Norvenich by Helmut Baumann. Also a Dutch Newspaper article can be found below (Harry Prins Archive)
27 May 1980 RF-104G MM6648/3-25 132gr AMI written off pilot killed
This RF-104G flew into ground in bad weather at Bardelle di San Benedetto, Po, Mantova, around 14 minutes after take-off. The pilot, Capt. Roberto Chiarellotto was tragically killed. The aircraft was configured with tip/pylon tanks. The pilot was saving an entire city according his family. Article beneath regarding a newspaper article in May 2020 was shared by the family of the pilot. The other photo shows MM6648 code 3-25 taken at Villafranca in August 1972. (Hans Koning Photo)
10 June 1980 F-104J 76-8703 207sq JASDF written off pilot killed
This Starfighter crashed after it overran the runway at homebase Naha, Japan. This F-104 jet fighter burst into flames upon landing in Okinawa, killing the pilot, defense officials said. The plane was one of two Starfighter which were sent to identify a Soviet Aeroflot Il-62 aircraft flying over the Tsushima Strait in the Japan Sea. The other jet fighter returned to base safely. Officials for the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force said the aircraft was flown by 2nd Lt. Koji Kuroda, 27, he overshot the runway at the Naha AB. The wingman landed safely. The Airport was closed for 20 minutes. Resume in time:  6:20, one of two F-104 that scrambled, and intercepted Aeroflot Il-62. 7:17, failed landing, crashed, and caught fire, 300 m from runway end. 7:20, overshot, and crashed into jet barrier at south end of runway. during landing, at high speed, did not decelerate enough, and was not arrested by barrier. 8:05, at hospital, pilot passed away. Beneath, aside a picture of the aircraft, also a newspaper article can be found from the Hawaii Times, thanks to Yohko Asagiri.
13 June 1980 F-104D 4165 8TFS RoCAF written off pilots ok
(USAF serial 57-1321) This two-seat Starfighter crashed after it stalled during a training mission and both pilots could not recover the aircraft any more. Gladly the crew (Chen Huan-Chen and Fu Chung-Yi.) was able to eject in time and was safe.
24 June 1980 CF-104D 104651 417sq RCAF written off pilots ok
This aircraft crashed after an engine-failure due to bird-strike impacting the engine. Although on a low-level mission both pilots, Capt. Rick Wall and German exchange pilot Hauptmann Harold Riedel were able to eject in time. It happened during an FWIC support-mission with target a communications site near Fort McMurray. The pilots decided to go lower in order to attack the target when they encountered a pair of pelicans. One of them went into the left intake and created a compressor stall. First back-seater Riedel ejected at 400 feet and a moment later Rick Wall ejected at some 275 feet AGL. Both were unhurt although Harald Riedel had suffered a sore back. Time of accident: 10.02 L about 112 NM NW of the base. The accident occurred about 1 minute after push-up from 450 to 540 kts GS, flying officially 250'. Determined cause of the accident is Bird Strike.  In the report is never a specific bird mentioned by name (i.e. pelican). The lab examining dirt from the engine specified only: bird remains found. The aircraft impacted with about 14 degrees nose down and 12 degrees left bank. Photo of the aircraft beneath (thanks to Klaas Folkersma) was taken late 70s at Cold Lake and the pictures taken at the crash site were from the official accident report thanks to Harald Riedel.
1 July 1980 F-104G 22+54 JBG34 GAF written off pilot killed
This German Starfighter crashed at Rattell-In, near Funfleiten, Germany, after it struck the ground during low-level flying mission with three other aircraft from Memmingen. The pilot Hptm Axel Georg Ruge was sadly killed instantly. The aircraft struck some trees during this mission, then 500 meters further he overflew with his burning airplane a small village at only 20 feet altitude and close to an army ammunition dump near Falkenberg and then crashed. So it looks like the pilot has done everything to avoid a big disaster which ended tragically for himself. On the exact location where the aircraft struck the trees, a memorial item has been mounted with text : “Hier starb am 01 Juli 1980 um 16.33 h bei einem Starfighter-absturz der pilot des 34. Jabo-Geschwaders Hauptman Axel Georg Ruge geb am 09.01.1950 in Grosszwicker. Er gab sein leben fuer unsere freiheit”. The cross is standing at the place, he touched the trees. The citizens from the saved city are taking care for this monument. The photo beneath, showing the Starfighter landing, was taken at Leeuwarden Air Base on 11 May 1978 by Andries Warring while the other photo shows the memorial statute which was photographed by Jochen Ruge.
22+54 F-104G JaboG 34 @Leeuwarden AB 11May1978._Andries WarringX
4 July 1980 RF-104G 5634 6TRS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 62-12245) While on a standard recce-mission this Starfighter crashed into sea when the aircraft suddenly lost hydraulic power and subsequently its J-79 engine flamed out. The pilot Chao Ji-ping was able to eject in time and was picked up by a Naval vessel. The photo beneath was taken late 70s (RoCAF).
8 July 1980 F-104G 24+28 WS10 GAF written off pilot killed
This F-104G crashed at the Capo-Frasca range, Sardinia during shooting and bombing exercises. The aircraft touched the water and crashed. Pilot Lt. Bela Blanca was sadly killed instantly due to possible target fascination disorientation. Beneath a photo showing this aircraft landing 18 July 1974 (by Eric Tammer). Also a Dutch Newspaper article can be found below (Harry Prins Archive)
11 July 1980 F-104S MM6723/53-05 21gr AMI written off pilot ok
This Italian Starfighter crashed near Robilante, Cuneo, Italy after experiencing a loss of maneuverability during aerobatic combat and subsequent technical problems. It flew in a clean configuration. The pilot, Capt. Giuseppe Barale ejected safely.  The picture beneath was taken in June 1980 at homebase Cameri, a few weeks before this aircraft was lost.
19 July 1980 F-104G 4341 3TFW RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 64-17768) This Taiwanese Starfighter crashed when experiencing technical problems. Gladly pilot Dai Hsiang-Chi could eject in time and was safe.
8 August 1980 F-104G R-343 726Esk RDAF written off pilot killed
(USAF serial 62-12343) While flying an aerial combat mission against Danish F-100 Super Sabres from Skrydstrup Air Base, this F-104 crashed into the sea, 2 miles west of Bovdjerg and Thyboron (south southwest of Torsminde), Denmark. The Pilot Hav. Pl. Steen Bjerth Mortensen was sadly killed. It is believed that the pilot lost orientation during a vertical maneuver, or due to a G-induced LOC. Beneath a photo showing the aircraft at the airshow in 1971 at Mildenhall, thanks to Alec Molton.
27 August 1980 CF-104 104859 441sq RCAF written off pilot ok
This CF-104 crashed in the North Sea off the island of Terschelling, Holland, during practice bomb delivery on the range. The pilot Major Rob W. Porter safely ejected. It happened at 13.40 PM local time. It was No. 3 in a 4-plane section flown out of Soesterberg. Aircraft was on a 5 degree, 500 knot, flap up (BDU-33) delivery at Noordvaarder Range, Terschelling. As the aircraft reached bomb release point parts were observed to be coming off the aircraft. The aircraft rolled 100 degrees left then rolled back level and the pilot ejected at approximately 100-200 ft AGL and 400-450 knots. Parachute opening and water entry were almost simultaneous (1 second). The pilot landed 1-2 km off shore and was picked up by Royal Netherlands Air Force Alouette III SAR helicopter 5.5 minutes later. Life preserver inflation was automatic. Helmet was lost during ejection sequence but subsequently recovered from the water. Leading edge flap and some fuselage parts were on the range but at the low tide area; the aircraft rolled left and entered the water nose down, left wing low with 90 degrees of bank, 3 to 4 km off shore in 20-30 feet of water. The pilot received a concussion, dislocated shoulder and major back injuries. Final cause determined to be: left leading edge flap separated from the aircraft because of failure of the forward beam hinge lobes for reasons unknown (possibly stress corrosion, fatigue or wear). The leading edge flap impacted the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. His remarkable presence of mind in that split second without question saved the pilot’s life. His colleague flying 104835 landed at Leeuwarden AFB. Apparently it crashed at location 53 22 36N 05 08 06E. The majority of the aircraft was not salvaged despite 9 days of salvage/recovery operations due to delay in locating the wreck and strong tides buried it in sand. The International F-104 Society owns a copy of the accident report. Beneath a photo taken by J.P. Poelstra at Cambrai during the Tiger Meet in June 1979. The International F-104 Society owns a copy of the official Canadian Accident report. Beneath also some newspaper articels (via Harry Prins) and a picture of the "Irvin industries caterpillar club rigger award" for this accident. Most likely this is the only rigger award Irvin industries has ever given for the caterpillar club. (thanks to Erika Jennings). Finally also a picture showing the unlucky 104859 at Soesterberg AB taken on the day that it was lost during the morning mission, and so very unique (thanks to Peter Elzinga).
3 September 1980 TF-104G 62-12277/9-277 191filo THK incident pilots ok
This two-seater Starfighter was involved in an accident this day which resulted in some minor damage and could be repaired soon as can be seen on the photo beneath taken at Murted in June 1983 back in business (thanks to Hans Koning).
10 September 1980 F-104G 234 331skv RNorAF written off pilot killed
This F-104 crashed into the sea near Helligvær, aprox. 17 nautical miles northeast of Bodø Airbase, Norway. It was one of two aircraft on a mission to identify and photograph unidentified planes west of Lofoten, Norway. On approach to Bodø this “234” crashed in the sea after a series of abnormal movements which should have been caused by technical problems. The pilot, Lt. Kåre Haugvaldstad managed to eject, but sadly he was too low for his chute to open and got killed. Beneath a photo taken at Honington in 1978.
16 September 1980 F-104G FX54 1W BAF written off pilot ok
This Belgium Starfighter crashed at Charlesville near Authe, France, after encountering a loss of power and subsequent engine fire. The pilot Captain Theo Everaert (350sml) was able to eject in time and was safe.
16 September 1980 TF-104G MM54231/20-7 20gr AMI written off pilots ok
This two-seat Starfighter was on a training mission when during a touch and go at homebase Grosseto something went wrong, the aircraft damaged its landing gear and more. It finally bellylanded and was severely damaged. Both pilots LtCol Francesco Sartorello (20° Gruppo Commander) and LtCol Clemente Morisco (9° Gruppo Commander) were safe. First it was planned to repair the aircraft (cat R.3 damage) but after more intensive investigation with 4° Centro Manutenzione (Maintenance Centre of 4° Stormo), it was declared damaged beyond economical repair. Soon after it was selected to become a preserved aircraft and it was mounted on a pole at Grosseto near the 20 Gruppo flightline. Beneath a photo taken at Grosseto on 29 May 2001  (by Harry Prins).
22 September 1980 F-104G 22+78 MFG1 GNavy written off pilot killed
This German Navy Starfighter crashed 50 miles south-west of Aalborg, near Groenerup, Denmark, during NATO-Exercise “Teamwork”, after hitting the ground. Pilot KptLt Franz-Jozef Brulls (30) was sadly killed. Photo beneath was taken at Volkel in 1972. Newspaper article shared by Harry Prins.
1 October 1980 RF-104G 24+33 MFG2 GNavy incident pilot ok
This recce Starfighter made a crash landing on Landivisiau NAS, France. The pilot was safe and the aircraft was recovered and later on picked up by a German C160 Transall two days later. It could be repaired and flew soon after again. Photo shows the aircraft around 1980 during a visit at Bodo, Norway (thanks to Rolf Bakken)
2 October 1980 F-104G 62-12313/313 141filo THK written off pilot ok
This Turkish F-104G crashed at or near homebase Murted. There is no other information known but we assume the pilot was safe. The photo beneath shows the aircraft at Larissa in 1972 by Paul van der Elsaker.
8 October 1980 F-104J 56-8680 205sq JASDF written off pilot ok
This Japanese Starfighter crashed after encountering flame-out upon landing at Komatsu AB. It was declared a cat 4 landing accident. After final inspection it was later on declared a cat 5 damage which means damaged beyond economical repair. Photo beneath shows the aircraft at Matsushima AB on July 29th, 1979 wearing the markings of 205sq. (by Gunter Grondstein)
 56-8680 F-104J 6Wg-205Sqd-MatsushimaAB-29JUL79_GG
8 October 1980 F-104G 24+60 JBG34 GAF written off pilot ok
8 October 1980 F-104G 26+35 JBG34 GAF written off pilot killed
During a base-attack at Baden Sollingen these two Starfighters collided. One of them crashed (26+35) near Bruhl in which the pilot, Pilot Hptm Franz Hirschauer, got tragically killed. The pilot of the other F-104 (24+60), Hptm Manfred von Bergh, was able to land the aircraft safely at Memmingen and was ok. Investigation showed severe structional damage and it was decided to not repair this aircraft anymore and transfer it into the role of instructional airframe and later on Battle Damage Repair Training aircraft at Memmingen. Beneath photos taken in 1977 at Memmingen and a photo of 24+60 taken in 1973 (thanks to Peter Mühlböck).
 26+35_JBG34_1977_HundertvierX24+60 F-104G JaboG 34 1973_MAP_PMC
9 October 1980 F-104G 4323 28TFS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 62-12223) This Taiwanese Starfighter crashed into sea near Hsin Chu after its engine caught fire. While staying controllable for more than 20 minutes the aircraft fire became massive and the pilot Wu Ker-Jen had to eject to safe himself. He flew a mission together with another F-104G (flown by Ge Guang Yue) who was able to monitor the situation of his colleague. Cause: Possibly fuel main controller malfunctioning. Note: In July 1991 this lucky pilot Ge Guang Yue lost his life in a ChungKuo IDF prototype.
14 October 1980 F-104G R-753 726esk RDAF written off pilot ok
While on approach to home base Aalborg this Danish Starfighter engaged an uncommanded pitch-up at low-altitude without any chance to recover. The pilot Hav. Pl. S. Tejsner decided to eject and was safe. The aircraft crashed at Bjerger, near Limfjorden and Gjol. In June 1985 the wreck was seen at Aalborg but remains have been scrapped soon after. Photo beneath was taken by Heribert Mennen at Gutersloh on 9 September 1975.
64-17753 F-104G R-753 RDAF 723 Esk at Gutersloh 09Sep1975_Heribert Mennen_mod
17 October 1980 F-104G 24+72 JBG31 GAF written off pilot ok
This ex-RF104G crashed between Koln and Breuhl and Hurth after the engine caught fire. Pilot OTL Alexander Heuser ejected safely. Photo beneath was taken by Helmut Baumann at Norvenich in May 1980, five months before it was lost. It happened when he returned back to Nörvenich after a mission together with Hptm Eckhardt Schwipper. At 10 miles during the landing pattern Hptm Schwipper saw flames leaving the fuselage of Olt Heuser and warned him directly. He just spotted a red warning light and soon after the flames from the engine became bigger.
Because they were flying over Kendernich, Fischenich, Vochem and industry area Hürth-Knapsack where also a chemical factory could be found, Olt Heuser decided to leave the pattern to the left around Hürth and headed towards a forest. Then he ejected succesful. The aircraft crashed and parts could be found in an area of 1 kilometer. The engine came down just along Bundesstraße 265. Lateron the reason of the fire was found. The afterburner fuel pump had become overheated and was broken. Fuel leaked out of it and started the fire in the engine section. Pilot Olt Heuser was honored (Ehrenkreuz) for his brave actions.
3 November 1980 TF-104G D-5801 CAV KLu incident pilots ok
This day Capt Ronald van Broekhuizen and Capt Harry van Duren were booked for an instrument mission with a fuelstop at Ramstein Air Base. They flew with TF-104G D-5801 and during the landing at Ramstein the pilots encountered a severe nosewheel shimmy situation. After switching off the nose-wheel steering the aircraft became stable but headed strongly to the left where it left the runway and stopped into the field after the nose-wheel broke. The aircraft could be repaired. The picture below was shared by Flash Aviation Archive.
27 November 1980 CF-104 104807 421sq RCAF written off pilot ok
This CF-104 crashed South of homebase Baden-Sollingen, after the pilot encountered an engine failure in flight. Pilot, Capt. Ralph Harrison (38) ejected safely.
While flying over farmland an explosion and fire ended the life of the J-79 engine. The pilot had to eject which he did at approximately 1600 feet AGL and flying level with around 200 Kts. The aircraft came down on a farmland 6 NM from the south runway of CFB Baden-Söllingen, near the village of Muchenschop, West Germany. Sadly he injured his knees during the ejection. After 11 weeks he continued flying. The Board of Inquiry found that during a routine check prior to 807's last flight a tech did not properly torque the fuel reference pressure line hose fitting which had been disconnected during this maintenance check. As a result due to aircraft vibration this fuel line fitting worked loose somewhere during the last phase of this final flight and fuel pooled between the fuselage and engine. To give the Starfighter more lift on landing when full flaps are selected, hot compressed air from the last stage of the engine compressor is directed over the flaps. The temperature of this hot air is 900°F. When the pilot lowered full flaps this hot air probably ignited the fuel air mixture which in turn ruptured other fuel lines. The explosion probably blew out the first fire but as other fuel lines were ruptured more explosions occurred which were fatal to the aircraft. Photo beneath was taen by Frank Swinkels at Eindhoven in August 1979.
4 December 1980 F-104G 20+58 JBG31 GAF written off pilot ok
4 December 1980 F-104G 21+43 JBG31 GAF written off pilot killed
These two Starfighters were involved in a major mid air-collision during the approach of Wildenrath in bad weather. They overshoot Wildenrath during the first approach and on downwind the '20+58' flew into the rear end of the '21+43'. The latter lost its tail end and crashed into a field near Erkelenz and Houverath. Its pilot, Hptm Gert Ruge, ejected in time. Pilot Hptm Arno Ewald landed safe at Wildenrath with his '20+58', but was declared written-off after inspection. The aircraft became BDRT instructional airframe at Buchel and received fake-serial "30+33". Beneath photos showing 20+58 as "30+33"  decoy at Buchel in 1992 (Harry Prins Collection) and 21+43 (JBG31) taken at Norvenich in June 1978 (by Helmut Baumann)
 20+58_as20+33_Buchel_1992_HarryPrinsX21+43 F-104G JaboG 31 clean Norvenich Jun1978_Helmut Baumann_modX
16 December 1980 RF-104G 5630 6TRS RoCAF written off pilot ok
(USAF serial 62-12243) This recce-Starfighter crashed after the pilot Yu Fei Liang encountering mechanical malfunction, near Yang Mei, in southern Tao Yuan County. The pilot ejected safely. The aircraft crashed in an AFV base, in Hu Ko, Northern Hsin Chu County. Others stated that it crashed due to spatial disorientation of the pilot. It was reported that the pilot took a taxy back to the Air Base after he came down by parachute. Photo beneath was provided by Clarence Fu showing the aircraft taxying at its home base mid 70s and a nice photo of the aircraft inside a shelter thanks to Min Xiong Wang. Pictures taken at the crashsite thanks to Yip Ming-Cheung.
18 December 1980 F-104G 632 331skv RNorAF written off pilot ok
During a ground controlled approach to Bodø Airbase, this F-104G suffered a substantial loss of engine power. The pilot, Roar Strand, realised he would not reach the runway and decided to eject. He landed with minor injuries in Valnesfjorden. The plane came down in deep water at Skjerstadfjorden, approximately 24 km East of Bodø Airbase. Beneath a photo showing the aircraft at Ramstein in the summer of 1980. (Thanks to Chris Knott)


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