Accidents – Incidents 1956

            3 Nov 1956 YF-104A 55-2960 Lockheed USAF written off pilot killed
It crashed on an USAF acceptance flight test at Edwards AFB two NM south of Rogers Dry Lake, pilot Capt (AFRes) Harry A. Brown was sadly killed in this accident. The aircraft was written off. Assigned to Air Material Command (AMC), SMAMA, Lockheed Facility, Palmdale. The acceptance test flight took of from AF plant 42 at Palmdale at 0904 PST on a clear day and climbed in AB to 40.000 feet. To investigate a cabin pressure problem a descent to 35.000 feet was performed shutting down the AB. Reselecting the AB again the aircraft flamed out and a restart was performed. The result was high EGT (1.000 degrees C) and low thrust (70 percent RPM). By advice from an engineer on the ground a emergency landing on the Rodgers Dry Lake at Edwards AFB was performed. But the flight ended 2 NM short of the RWY. The aircraft exploded on impact at 0922 PST and the pilot was sadly fatally injured.
Photo beneath shows the impact crater, nothing left... (rough photo taken out of accident report).


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