83 FIS and 538 FIS nicknames

The 83rd FIS at Hamilton Air Base was the very first operational F-104 squadron in the world.
An interesting fact was that lots of pilots had their own aircraft and on a certain moment decided to add a cartoon or text zapp on the the front fuselage during the 50s.
We have no idea how many pilots had these zapps added but beneath we tried to make some kind of overview of the ones we know.
Aircraft seen with unidentified zapps were: 56-777, 56-781, 56-785, 56-795, 56-796, 56-805, 56-808, 56-810, 56-819.
One two-seater was fitted with a zapp starting with "Pussin" with a cat cartoon, sadly the serial number is unknown.
also this was seen with a few aircraft from 538th FIS of which only 56-840 was identified


 F-104A Starfighter Serial 83/538 FIS Pilot name ZAPP information Photo (if any)
56-784 538FIS - 1st Lt E.W. Bunn Pap Wahoo
56-791, 56-803 (later) 83FIS - Major Carl H. Leo Vociferous Viking 56-791_17Sep58_zapped56-803_VociferousViking
56-816 83FIS - Lt. Col. Evans (Lt.Col Goetz?) Dads Special 56-816_DadsSpecial
56-824 83FIS - Lt. George Davis The Road Runner 56-824_83FiS_roadrunner
56-840 538FIS - Homer C Boles Ruler of the Roost
56-841 538FIS - R. T. Hanna The Bandersnatch
56-??? 538FIS - Unknown unidentifiable
56-??? 83FIS - Capt. Robert A Rayford Miss My Iris
56-??? 83FIS - Lt. Cmdr. Brown (USN) Acey Deucey
56-??? 83FIS - Lt. Jim Sherman Jughead
56-??? 83FIS - Lt. Edgar Grieschkov The Bald Eagle
56-??? 83FIS - Capt. Donald Parsons Jayhawker
56-??? 83FIS - Col. Louis W. Ford Top Dog TopDog
56-??? 83FIS - Unknown Wailing Lady WailingLady
57-1296 83FIS - Not applicable Double Trouble
57-1298 83FIS - Not applicable Pussin Patty