FX02 made out of wood?


F-104G (c/n 9017) FX02, Belgium Air Force, can be found preserved outside the Kleine Brogel Air Museum with tail from FX47.
It can be found there outside preserved with F-104G FX61.  It was meant to be completed (missing parts) and refurbished.
It was a big surprise to see her now completed with a new colorscheme showing a grey/wooden outfit, looks like an Indian Totem pole.
The photo was taken by Martijn Jansen today at the museum.

The painting was done by artist Tom Herck earlier this month. The collector of the F-104 had an emotional connection to the F-104 because one of his family members got killed in such an aircraft so he asked the artist to express this onto this FX02 fuselage. The artist decided to make some kind of totem pole color scheme with a deadhead scull  on top.
A video can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdzFO_mgWU8

Beneath a photo as it could be found in the museum back in 2013 (by Mark Wassenaar).


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