R-832 cockpit switched owner in Norway

On May 11th IFS member Tom Svendsen was assisting with the move from the old Danish Air Force CF-104 R-832 cockpit to a new owner also in Norway.
This aircraft forward fuselage was formerly located at Vik, a local place just 2 km from Grimstad, were it belonged to Jens Rino Haugen since November 2006 after he bought it from the big scrapdealer at Bjerringbro.
Recently it became part of a big trading deal where the new owner had a MD-80 Full motion simulator (6 metric tonn) and would like to exchange this with the CF-104 cockpit.
The ex MD-80 Continental simulator from Houston Texas moved to Vik, Grimstad, May 12th by semi trailer. It arrived in Norway already in October 2007) and became private owned since 2014.
The CF-104 has been transported to new owner in Løvenstad (some 5km SW of Kjeller) and 17km East of Oslo. It is now inside a shed adjacent to owner house, only radome nose will be not under roof.
It needed the strength of four guys to get the Cf-104 cockpit from trailer to the shed. It is owned by the son of the family living there.

Thanks Tom Svendsen for the information and photos.


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