Possibly 633 back to Norway


As already mentioned earlier in 2016 a team of the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum at Bodø, Norway has been in Turkey to discuss the return of an ex Norwegian F-104G to Norway to be added to the collection of their museum. The museum already owns the CF-104 104801 but an original MAP F-104G would be a welcome addition with good historical value.
In November this year the team again visited Turkey, more precisely at Gaziemir which is near Izmir. There the technical school has ex Norwegian F-104G "633" preserved on a small field between trees. The team has carefully inspected this aircraft and found that it was structurally in very good shape. Now the team is busy the negotiations to obtain this Starfighter for their collection. The plan is to have it preserved (hopefully next year already) inside the museum in the old 60s livery as "FN-U". That would be really great news of course!!!

Thanks to Tom Svendsen for the latest news and the museum for the photo beneath taken November, 28th.
633_2017-11-28 10_14_05_Museum

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