MM6922 to a new owner


On March 9th, 2018 a transport truck was seen on its way to Southern direction from Rome (Bentivoglio Scrap dealer) loaded with F-104S/ASA MM6922 code 5-04 with nose radome section from MM6931 and the tail belonging once to MM6559. It is not known what the exact destination was but one day we hope to find out more. (Thanks to Johan Mulder / Scramble for sharing this news and photo).


  1. David

    I was there and talked with Bruno late March, and he said he’d recently sold an aircraft to a “Ferrari” museum, but his English is better than my Italian so maybe it’s just a museum with a Ferrari in it! This could be the a/c mentioned!

  2. Harry Prins Post author

    Thanks David for this information!!


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