MM6830 Italian again??


As already reported in November last year the F-104S MM6830 which could be found preserved at the roundabout not far from the Grenchen airport for many years, is now found as part of the big collection inside the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne. The plan is to have it restored and painted into the last operational colorscheme and markings it flew around in Italy.
This means it will get the typical 90s camouflage scheme as F-104S/ASA and markings of 9 Gruppo with serial "4-22".
On January 29th the aircraft was completely washed to remove all the dirt, and the next day it was drying outside in the sun (photos thanks to Hans Guggisberg, member of the restoration team).

The team is looking for clear photos showing the MM6830 code 4-22 to be able to paint the aircraft as accurate as possible. So please share any photo of it via info@i-f-s.nl or via our facebook group!!! Beneath two nice examples provided by Roger Seroo and Henry Weterholt.

LATEST UPDATE : We heard from the museum that currently the restoration will be postponed and the aircraft will now be displayed as it is today, in the USAF color scheme and markings..



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