LN-STF made 2nd successful test flight


June 7th, 2017.  Today CF-104D LN-STF (former 104637) made its 2nd testflight from Bodo, since it was withdrawn from use by the Norwegian Air Force on April 1st, 1983.
On September 28th last year it already made the first flight after 33 years.
Although the first flight the aircraft was chased by a Norwegian Air Force F-16BM, this time the testpilot Major Eskil Amdal flew on its own.
The plan was to take-off at 10:00 local time but this time was delayed with 1 hour.
Take-off went fine and Eskil was able to fulfil all tests before he returned base after 45 minutes and landing the aircraft within a 1 hour flight from its homebase Bodo in Northern Norway.
After this completed tests the aircraft received the Air Authority's airworthiness certificate which makes it now more easy for the team to fly the aircraft more often in the future.

This upcoming weekend the CF-104D was planned to give a demonstration at the Norwegian Air Force open house at Sola-Stavanger Air Base however the after flight examination showed a small oil leakage inside the gearbox where one of the generators is located which means that the engine needs a roll back to gain access for the repair of te suspected leaking gasket.

Next test flight might not be expected anymore before August this year.
See also article about this with more information HERE:

The Bodo local news page "Bodo Nu" initiated a livestream of this 2nd testflight takeoff and landing.
This way a lot of Starfighter enthusiasts all over the world were able to see it online.
Videos can be found on their website HERE.




Photos: Thanks to Starfighter.no / Sindre A. H. Nedrevåg‎

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