Kalamazoo F-104 completely restored


As already mentioned earlier the team at the Kalamazoo Air Museum had a plan to restore their F-104C into a more realistic outfit and choose the late 50s TAC style.
Because the fuselage of the aircraft should need extensive work they decided to choose a paintscheme in stead of bare metal.
The aircraft repaint was finished this summer and the aircraft looks very neat.
(F-104C (c/n 1186) 56-898)

Photos thanks to Richard Klass, one of the restoration team members.


  1. Pete Clukey

    Outstanding job! Looks incredible.

  2. Pedro in PR

    One of our’s, PRANG. She would definately look better in warpaint (camouflage)!
    Just saying…………………..

  3. Al Barkl

    I was at George 1958 to1961 ran that plane on run up pad.


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