F-104C 56-901 ready and displayed now!

We received some latest news from Harry Newman of the museum team, regarding the status on F-104C 56-901. He stated:

"901" has been completed and is now on permanent display in our military hanger. Against all odds she survived the scrap heap, a tornado which flipped her over, and 30 years of outside storage in our brutal New England weather. It has been a thrill to bring her back to display condition. We used the paint scheme from the time of the 1962 record breaking "Kite Intercept" mission that "Sharkbait" Delashaw flew. Of course, during the record flight 901 didn't have the refueling boom or the tip tanks, but they looked so cool we couldn't help ourselves. People might ask why the dark panel on the tail.

Photos from the "Kite Intercept" clearly show this panel being dark so we went with it. The tip "tanks" are mock-ups since the early level C tanks were not to be found. We used seven F-15 storage pods to make them and they are within an inch of the real tank circumference. A few weeks ago we opened 901 to the public so kids (and adults) could actually sit in the restored cockpit and we have a sophisticated flight simulator set up so people can "fly" a 104. I am planning to make an adjacent display focusing on the "Kite Intercept" mission.


  1. Mike Vivian

    Restorations are always tough. Yours is as good as it gets. Congratulations !!

  2. leon

    Nice job!

  3. Don Albertson

    Will in basic training in Texas I was notified my South Carolina National Guard unit was going to be activated Nov. 1961 and the F104s went to Spain and I being Air Police went to Chaumont France.
    We paired up with another guard unit who had F84s and F86s.

    1. Don Albertson

      Forgot to ask where is your city and address; I would like to come and see the plane sometime.

      1. Harry Prins

        Please go to our preserved 104s section and look at USA…

  4. Hal F. Kenyon

    What a great job!! Looks brand new! I was a crew chief on the F104 G model in the early 60’s@

    George AFB and still and still miss CCTS when stationed there!

  5. Gene West

    Good story about #901. I flew the c model while at udorn..every zipper had been over “g”d.. and required alot of rudder trim.

  6. Dick Caron (Greek)

    Was stationed at George AFB 1962 to 1966 and was a crew chief with the 4443 ccts on the F104G. Later transferred to the 479th and crewed the F-104c and D. 901 is located at the New England Air Museum at the Hartford Airport

    1. John A. Michalak-Hotchkiss


      I think I remember you while at George.

      I was at George and also a crew chief on the F-104’s. I believe I was there 1963-1965 and went to Spain for 6 months and many TDY’s.

      Some people names I remember are Doc Blanchard, Julio Chacon, Gene Gollossi. Klein, Mellilo, Jacoby, Grossi, Holbrook, Dave Malloy, George Coltey, Murakami, Morris, Melton, Harris, McKay , Minton, Porreca, Griswold, Engle, Hamm, Strecker, Fuller, Mark Adams to mention a few.

      Some Pilots were Kaa, Wells, Dellashaw, Glover, Brinkley, Crist, Blake, Huff, Quackenbush.

      I was very fortunate and got two rides in the D model and flew mock 1 and a dog fight at Holloman AFB TDY and also in Spain TDY.

      If you get this please respond to me. I did visit George AFB this year and it was a shame to see the decay and ruins.

      1. Harry Prins

        Thanks Dick.
        Aside Kaa, Wells, Dellashaw, Glover, Brinkley, Crist, Blake, Huff, Quackenbush, do you remember any other George based F-104 pilots?
        Please if possible including 1st name (e.g Tom Delashaw).

        1. Dick Caron

          Harry other pilots with the 436 Tac Ftr Sq March 1965

          Capt. Luther Harvey

          Capt Walter Harris

          Capt Borris Klem

          Capt. John Olson

          Capt Stephen Korcheck

          Capt James Torson

          Went TDY to McChord AFB Wash. I remember Torson Split open a tip tank while taxing onto the runway and had to abort his flight. Also spent time with him at Kung Kaun AB in Taiwan This was our repair base for aircraft at Da Nang. Torson was a hot shot test pilot.

          Hope this info helps

          Dick Caron

  7. John A. Michalak-Hotchkiss

    Harry, you and your staff did a wonderful job in restoring this aircraft that needed a ton of work. My thanks go out to all at NEAM. It was a joy seeing it on display and brought back many memories as a crew chief.

  8. Gerald Ronesi

    I was crew chief of this aircraft at Edwards AFB, 1972-73. We trained pilots for the Test Pilot School. Had trouble with AB blowouts and leading edge flap indications but never failed to meet the mission. So nice to see her looking better than ever.

    Thanks for the great restoration effort!

    Gerald Ronesi
    SMSgt, USAF (Ret)

  9. Al Barkl

    Harry, I was stastioned at George when we got the 104 ,sI ran all of them on the run up test pad from 1958 to 1961 I think 901 was in the 434 th maybe the 476 th .I was an engine trouble shooter on the flight line


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