999 future unsure…. (update)


At this moment the Italian Air Force is planning to move the famous red F-104S/ASA-M 9-99 (MM6930) from Grazzanise to Gioia Del Colle soon. The reason is probably as part of the likely cleanup of the Air Base due to the planned closure of the military operations. At the entrance an F-104 can already be found preserved on a pole and so there would be no reason to keep the famous 9-99 at Grazzanise as well. Although the choice looks logical there is a strong resistance against this proposal by Grazzanise, aviation minded and ex-9Stormo military people. They have initiated a protest and hope the aircraft will stay at Grazzanise. The future will tell what will really happen to this red 104.

UPDATE: The aircraft was already transported to Gioia Del Colle (almost sure on 7 March 2018) and will never go back to Grazzanize.


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