7005 taken down at Mersin, Turkey


This month the F-104G 7005 coded "8-7005" was taken down from its pedestal. The municipality is building a new pavement to the coast line of Mersin and for this reason they dismantled this F-104. It will be taken somewhere else until the new construction is ready to re-install it.
Since the aircraft was installed at the coast line around 1999 it really needs fresh paint and so we assume the municipality will give it the correct attention. We will see when it will be back on display.

This F-104G (former German Air Force 21+37) was operated by the Turkish Air Force until it retired with 9 AJU at Balikesir Air Base as "9-005" in 1988 and put in storage at Eskisehir. Early 1995 it was seen for the first time with fake code "8-7005" in the storage area. It was transported lateron to Mersin (coast) around 1998 and first noted on display in April 1999.

Photo thanks to Çetin Tuna.


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