63-13643 arrived back at Torrejon


Torrejon AB, Spain, 9 October 2017 - Today the F-104G 63-13643 arrived at Torrejon, the airbase where it once flew with the Spanish Air Force from June 1965 till it was given back to USA (MAP regulation) on May 31st, 1972. It will receive an intensive restoration and will get back its original Spanish serial again.

This particular aircraft made its first flight on November 30th, 1964 at Canadair, Montreal where this aircraft was manufactured.
It was delivered to the USAF on January 27th, 1965 and assigned to be used under MAP by the Spanish Air Force.
It arrived at Rota, Spain by boat on June 6th, 1965 and transported to Torrejon AB after receiving official Spanish Air Force registration C8-12.
Operated by 161 Esq it got squadron code 161-22 which it carried until November 1967 when the squadron changed to 104 Esq then it was changed to 104-22.
In 1968 the code was changed to 104-12 which it kept until it was given back to the USA May 31st, 1972.
In June 14th that year it was officially transferred under MAP to the Hellenic Air Force which it operated until its retirement in 1991.
Now, 26 years later, it is back where it all started, at Torrejon, a wonderful achievement of the restoration team in Spain!!


In the header and beneath some nice photos showing the arrival at Torrejon (thanks to Daniel Hidalgo)


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