27+08 preserved at Niederalteich


[February 15th, 2017] After having made some structural adjustments to his wonderful Gerhard Neumann (Starfighter) museum in Niederalteich, Josef Voggenreiter was able to manouevre his obtained TF-104G 27+08 into the hall and put it on top, easily reachable via a special build bridge. It really looks awesome and worth visiting.
It's standing on three big studs and is "flying" on a flightlevel of 5 meters...

The aircraft, with cn 5709, arrived at Niederalteich in November 2013 from Manching and was cleaned, restored and re-assembled.



  1. Mike Vivian

    Beautiful ! Wish I could be there to take a Long Look ! We’ve just gotta figure out a way to thank these SUPER folks that are saving our Aviation History. A terrific museum, I’m sure. Someday–maybe—?

  2. Gene West

    Agree with Mike as we both spent many hours flying this beautiful “Zipper”…


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